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The Republic of Mali is true paradise for tourists who are looking for a true African experience. This country is one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries. Many different cultures can be found in this region, and they exist in true harmony with each other. You can also see the influence of the cultures from the neighboring countries like Algeria and Senegal. Travel to this region appeals to those that are looking for true adventure and fun. You may not find world class facilities here, but what you can find is an unforgettable and truly memorable experience.

A car rental in Mali for comfort

Mali is a beautiful country with a long list of beautiful places for you to explore. At the very top of this list is the mesmerizing city of Bernako. Here you can find many historic as well as modern day tourist attractions. The main one among these is the National Museum of Mali, where you can find exhibits that help you get in touch with the culture and history of this great country. But getting around in Bernako is much easier and much more comfortable when you rent a car in Mali. You will get to see the archaeological evidence from previous civilizations which will leave you speechless. In addition to these permanent pieces, you can also find temporary art pieces that inform you about the history of this region in new and innovative ways.

The historic city of Timbuktu

The single aim of many tourists that come to this country is to get a car for rent in Mali and visit the famous city of Timbuktu. This city has a history that goes as far back as the Iron Age. Due to archaeological expeditions in the area, you now get a chance to see some of the remains that have been recovered. The mosques located in this region are a true marvel. You should definitely go and see the ancient mosques here that have been put among the Heritage Sites of the World.

A close look at the farming culture in Ségou

Ségou is a city that still retains its ancient culture and architecture. Many travelers come and live with the community here in order to get a true farming culture experience. This ancient culture gives you the chance to get closer to nature. While here, you should definitely get a car for hire in Mali and visit the tomb of Bitòn Coulibaly, who was founder the famous Barbary Empire.

Hire a car in Mali and explore this wonderful country

Life is about the simple things and not about the luxuries. Mali is a country that makes you realize this in a big way. The simplicity and traditional customs of people here will make you forget your own busy life for a while. With a care for hire, you can visit Mali and get ready to forget about all your work related tensions.

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