Kota Bharu Pengkalan Chepa Airport (KBR)
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Kota Bharu, located on the east coast of Malaysia, as well as being the capital of Kelantan is accessible by air via the Kota Bharu Pengkalan Chepa airport.

Just remember to book your car hire Kota Bharu service on our website before you head there. Kota Bharu airport car rental, offers you various car options where you could take your pick at one that is bound to suit your needs.

About Kota Bharu

As well as being the capital of Kelantan since 1844 (replacing Kota Kubang Labu), Kota Bharu is also the Royal City of Kelantan. Kota Bharu carries the meaning of new city or new fort and it was previously known as Kuala Kelantan. Kota Bharu is famous in history books for it was the landing point of the Japanese army as they defeated the British forces.

What to See & Do in Kota Bharu

With a hire car Kota Bharu airport service, you can visit most of the tourist attractions in Kelantan. You can head out of the city and marvel at the tallest standing Buddha statue in Southeast Asia. It is located at Wat Phothikyan in a small village roughly 35 minutes away from Kota Bharu.

For the beach lovers, Kelantan is best known for its beach, the Pantai Cahaya Bulan or Moonlight Beach. This is a popular destination for tourists and you can enjoy a night or two at the chalets dotting the beach.

If you do not wish to get out of the city, explore Kota Bharu with your car hire Kota Bharu airport service. Just make sure to book it online through our website for a convenient and worry-free service.

You can take a look at the wet market known locally as Pasar Buloh Kubu. It is a good chance to experience the busy wet market predominantly frequented by women. While in the city, be sure to try out the famous ayam percik and satiate to your tummy’s desire.

For souvenirs, you can buy the iconic wau bulan or moon kite as well as beautiful batik. You can also feast your eyes on gorgeous looking wayang kulit puppets in the city.

Be sure to rent a car in Kota Bharu airport and start exploring the capital of the Land of Lightning.

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