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Kumanovo is a city in Macedonia. It is the municipal seat of the Municipality of Kumanovo and is located near other cities such as Karposh, Lopate, Bedinje, Proevce, and Romanovce. The municipality of Kumanovo is the largest municipality in the country, and Kumanovo is one of the largest cities. It is home to roughly 90,000 people of mixed ancestry and lineage. Kumanovo is believed to have taken its name from the Cuman tribe which invaded the area in the past.

Book for a Car for Rent in Kumanovo and Explore Macedonia

If it is your first time to visit Eastern Europe, then you should be familiar with some of the countries’ histories. There are some countries in Eastern Europe which have changed their names or have broken up to form separate countries in recent years. Macedonia, for example, used to be part of Yugoslavia, along with other new states such as Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not surprising to find people of different ancestries in Macedonia. Kumanovo is not any different from the rest of Macedonia, and it should be one of the places which you should visit. Book for car rental in Kumanovo and start your adventure.

Kumanovo’s Culture and Heritage

One of the things that you wouldn’t miss while on vacation in Kumanovo is its unique culture and heritage, brought about by the fusion of different cultures. Kumanovo used to be under the Turks, then the Slavs, and other foreign invaders during the Second World War. Kumanovo is also home to several prehistoric sites and artefacts. Book for a car for hire in Kumanovo and explore the city to learn new things.

Landmarks in Kumanovo

Aside from old villages and archaeological sites, there are several landmarks which you must see while on vacation in Kumanovo. Hire a car in Kumanovo and visit popular landmarks in the city. Don’t miss the chance to see places such as the 4,000-year old megalithic structure in Kokino, which is believed to be an astronomical observatory. You will also find the Church of St. Nikolas, the Four Poles Monument, the Kosturnica Monument, and the Karpino Monastery. Make your tummy happy and go on a gastronomic trip in Kumanovo. Grab a bite of some of the local dishes that are popular in the city.

Rent a Car in Kumanovo and Enjoy Your Vacation

Taking a break from work and going to another country is therapeutic. Kumanovo is one of those cities which is worth your time and effort. Not only would you love its peaceful and homey atmosphere, you’ll also learn a lot of new things while on vacation. If you are still looking for a place to visit, make sure to put Kumanovo on your list.

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