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Bitola is a large city located in the south western region of Macedonia. The city is known by other names like Monastir or Manastır as well. It is associated with a very rich history and culture and is home to quite a number of very interesting attractions. The city is located in the Pelagonia Valley and is easily explorable with the help of a car rental in Bitola.

A car for rent in Bitola can help you explore the city’s attractions freely

The best way to travel in and around the city is by a car, as it not only provides you with a comfortable trip, but is also the safest mode of transport. Gift your family with the luxury it provides. A car will also bring with itself certain flexibility, as you can visit as many places as you want. You will be able to travel to the places of interest that the city offers comfortably. You can also make changes in your itinerary and explore nearby towns and cities as well. Hence, the smart thing to do is to get a car for hire in Bitola.

Attractions within the city

Visit the St. Dimitrie Church, which marks the revival of Christianity in the country. This is a very beautiful building and is definitely a must visit. You can also pay a visit to the Ajdar Kadi Mosque, which features spectacular Islamic architecture. Another beautiful building is the Jeni mosque. It also features amazing architecture. Hire a car in Bitola and explore these attractions comfortably.

Things to do in the city

You must visit the Covered Bazaar, which is counted among the oldest buildings of the city. You can also walk down the Shirok Sokak Street which is home to a number of very beautiful and interesting buildings. You will also get to see the old barracks that are located at the end of the street. You can also go to see the Deboj Bath, which is the ruin of a Turkish bath. You will find many Turkish structures here.

Rent a car in Bitola to discover nearby cities

You can extend your trip further to the cities that are located nearby. Some of these cities are Bistrica, Kukurecani, Mogila, Novaci, and Capari. These cities are easily approachable by road, and would make your trip much more enjoyable! Book your car online well in advance and enjoy a comfortable trip.

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19 November 2019

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20 November 2019

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22 November 2019

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