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The Republic of Lithuania is situated in Northern Europe and is also one of the Baltic countries. It has a rich culture and a long, interesting history. A member of the European Union and NATO, Lithuania is the only Baltic nation to hold an eight hundred years statehood tradition. Tourist interest in this country has always been on rise due to the magnificent cities and towns here like, Vilinus, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Alytus.

Rent a car in Lithuania and discover Vilinus

Located in the southeast of the country, Vilinus is the capital city of Lithuania and is also the largest city. According to some researchers, it may have been the Gamma global city, and the main sight always remains the Old Town there, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. People travel here from all over the world to explore the beautiful buildings. Pilies Street is a paradise for the photographer, with all the beautiful, engrossing architecture to capture.

Pay a visit to Kaunas

Opt for a car rental in Lithuania and visit this glorious city. Kaunas is also the second city of the country, and the peak time to be here is early May to August. Although the temperature drops are generally moderate, everyplace you go here is just insulated in some way or the other. From museums to supermarkets, all are built in such a way that you will surely feel the heat if it’s cold outside. You can also have a sip of vodka from a 200 ml bottle to keep you warm, and nobody here would mind that. The Kaunas Castle, the Kaunas City Hall and the Kaunas Arch-cathedral Basilica are the sites of general interest here.

Heading to Klaipeda

The journey to Lithuania doesn’t end in its capital. Klaipeda, a city in the north western corner of the country, is equally worth seeing. The city’s main attraction constitutes of fantastic carvings and sculptures of almost every tiny creature which can be seen in the old town, which you can explore with a car for rent in Lithuania. Also worth seeing are the old sailing ships, the Meridians. The town has also got a big and wide exotic sand beach, always one of the busiest spots in summers. You can just enjoy the delight of the warm and clean water here, and mesmerize yourself in a sunbath.

Take a car for hire in Lithuania

Travelling to this part of the world will be a life changing experience. Visit here and you’ll feel completely at home. Hire a car in Lithuania and explore the magnificence of this country at ease.

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