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Klaipėda, the third largest city in Lithuania, is an important ice-free port located at the mouth of the Dane River where it flows into the Baltic Sea. For visitors, Klaipėda is a fascinating destination where there will be something new on every street. Attractions include the Klaipėda castle and the Clock Museum. Klaipėda is famous for its sculptures, and has everything from a magical mouse to a "gentleman cat" and a guard dog sculpture protecting the Old Town. Theater Square is the center of the town, which should tell you something about their love of the arts and culture. Being a port city, many of the attractions are of a maritime nature, including a marine museum, a floating restaurant, and six decorative bollards to honor Lithuanian maritime achievements. To see all this and visit the Curonian Spit seaside resorts nearby, you will need to get a car for hire in Klaipėda.

Car Rental in Klaipėda Made Easy

You can get a car for rent in Klaipėda from five agencies, all of which are located in the downtown area close to the port and city center. There is one conveniently located at the Europa Royale Hotel and another one at the old port right by the water's edge. But there is no need to go around trying to locate them, because you can easily get the best deal online. Enter Klaipėda as your pick-up point and you will get a neatly sorted list of vehicles from all five suppliers. Select the best deal on offer and book your vehicle right now.

Take a Sculpture Tour in Klaipėda

The sculpture tour begins at the city center on Theater Square, where you will find the Annchen von Tharau sculpture in the fountain. Whisper into the mouse's ear and your wish shall be fulfilled. The cat with the gentleman's face can likewise fulfill your secret dreams if you stroke his tail. A Doberman sticking out of a wall stands guard on Turgaus Square. Scattered all over the town, you will find everything from a chimney sweep to singing trees, weather vanes, and a rather heart-rending sculpture called "The Suffering" in front of a house on Daukanto Street, which was formerly used by the Soviet KGB for interrogations. In this sculpture, a pensive Christ has been strapped with a steel wire instead of a crown of thorns.

Maritime Attractions Guide for Klaipėda

The marine museum is an obvious choice, and you will surely want to get a taste of the food and drinks on the sailing vessel Meridianas which is now permanently moored alongside the riverbank as a floating restaurant and an icon. There are six bollards on the riverbank that honor the crew on three boats which sailed all the way to New York. Another interesting attraction along the coast is the artillery battery Memel-Nord, built by the German navy and taken over by the Soviets after they captured the city at the end of WWII.

Rent a Car in Klaipėda for a Curonian Spit Exploration

The Curoinian Spit is a thin and long wedge of moving sand dunes which separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, part of which is in Russia with the rest in Lithuanian territory. You can hire a car in Klaipėda and head out for an exploration of the Curonian Spit National Park, the Lithuanian Sea Museum, and the seaside resorts like Nida, Juodkrantė, Preila, and Pervalka. The ones on the Russian side might be a tad bit more difficult to visit. If you want to see more seaside resorts, Palanga is about 30 minutes away to the north, on the other side of Klaipėda from the Curonian Spit.

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