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Despite the political turmoil, internal strife, and revolution in Tripoli, it still remains a hauntingly beautiful place to visit and have a great vacation on. Coupled with the neighbouring cities of Tunisia, Leptis Magna, and others in the vicinity, you can savor a myriad of archaeological sites and historical wonders in Tripoli. Why would you want to use public transport and experience discomfort when you can comfortably rent a car in Tripoli and move about the picturesque city? The best part about booking car rentals from our online website is that you get to compare various car rental services and prices and choose whatever appeals the most to you.

Opt for a car for hire in Tripoli and navigate throughout downtown with panache

Although Tripoli can be discovered on foot, we urge you to book a car rental online and enjoy moving around the cultural enclaves of the wonderful city. Noteworthy sites that you must visit in Tripoli include the Green Square, also called the Martyrs Square, celebrated for its Departmental Stores and Western influences; the El Emad Towers that rise majestically in the middle of the city; the Marcus Aurelius Arch for its beautiful architecture; and the Central Business District for sophisticated shopping and posh neighbourhoods.

Delve into the Libyan culture by visiting Medina, the old town region of Tripoli

Medina, in Tripoli, is a huge Arabesque borough in Tripoli, celebrated for its marvellous architecture and mosques. Also, popular are the bazaars and souks, where you can shop for authentic Libyan merchandise and souvenirs that you might want to carry home. With a car for rent in Tripoli, you can easily move around the Old City and savor the sights of the Ottoman Clock Tower, the Tripoli Cathedral, the Mosque, the Red Castle Museum, and several others. A trip to old City warrants digging into the splendid Libyan cuisine, especially the lamb kebabs and the falafel.

Shop around with a car rental in Tripoli

Shopping in Tripoli is a splendid experience, and in order to save money, you must have excellent bargaining skills. You can shop for clothes, books, merchandise, and traditional Arabian goods in Tripoli. We suggest driving down to the Old City and shopping at the Bazaar and souks there. For those who crave a modern-day shopping experience in upscale malls and department stores, a trip to the Gargarish Road and the Fateh Tower is a must.

Hire a car in Tripoli and venture to the cities in the vicinity

With a car ferrying you around, you can hope to drive down to Tunisia, a vibrant city in the vicinity. Also, the Roman archaeological sites at Sabratha and Leptis Magna are a must-visit area. If you crave a visit to the sea, there are myriad isolated beaches within driving distance too. A vacation in Tripoli is a wonderful way to de-stress yourself and get back to work! Do come here and experience Libyan culture at its finest!

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