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Lesotho is a country that is named after the main inhabitants of the place called Bosotho. These people are the sole reason behind the preservation of art, culture and traditions in the country. So much so that, even British colonial rule didn’t damage it a big way. Even now when you roam around in the streets, you can hear traditional instruments like leko-lulo, thomo and sitolo-tolo being played by the locals. Despite its poverty, the country is spending a huge chunk of its money in promoting local art forms. The tourists who come here get to experience what a good job the locals are doing in terms of protecting their culture. And all of this ensures that they have a truly amazing time on their visit to Lesotho. On you visit to the country, make sure you drive down to the charming cities- Maseru, Berea, and Leribe.

Find a Car for Rent in Lesotho to Drive Down to Maseru

The best way to travel in a country like Losotho is not railways or airways. Tourists should just hire a car in Lesotho and travel to Maseru, the capital city, with ease. Here you can take a trip to see the Katse Dam or Thaba Bosiu. Tourists who are in quest of thrill and adventure should pay a visit to Sani Pass. This pass connects Lesotho to Kwazulu Natal. The road in this hilly region is very dangerous due to the sharp and blind turns. So tourists that are looking for a major adrenaline rush should contact a car rental in Lesotho immediately.

Berea: Get in touch with your sporty side

For tourists who enjoy watching and playing sports, Berea is the best place to visit in Lesotho. Here you can feel the presence of sports in the very essence. Football and Cricket are the dominant sports that enjoy a lot of popularity here. Tourists can easily go and watch local boys and girls playing in grounds all around the city. All that they need to do is rent a car in Lesotho and roam around in the streets of Teyateyaneng in order to realize just how passionate people are for sports here.

Leribe: Take back local pieces of art

Leribe is a stoppage point for all tourists as it gives them a chance to buy some unique pieces of local handicraft that they can take back home. Almost all the tourists like to stop by the Leribe Craft Center as it offers to them a range of products that they can take back as keepsakes. Woolen shawls at display make the ideal gifts and souvenirs for everyone.

Don’t Think Twice before Getting a Car for Hire in Lesotho

Take out some time and visit Lesotho for a truly memorable vacation that will bring a smile on your face. The residents are warm and welcoming. The culture is amazing. And the art forms are spellbinding. So, get a car of your own choice and drive away in Lesotho!

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