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Kosovo is a newly-independent state in Europe. It declared its independence in 2008, after being under UN administration since 1999. The country had a long and shaky history, being under the control of Serbia and Yugoslavia, until it became fully independent. Despite all the events that happened in the country, Kosovo remains a beautiful country where remains of the Roman province of Dardania can be found. The country is home to some UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Book a Car for Rent in Kosovo and Explore the Beautiful City of Pristina

Pristina is Kosovo’s capital as well as its largest city. It is also the cultural, administrative, and economic centre of the country. Book a car rental in Kosovo and explore the capital city. Pristina is a beautiful and modern city, home to several buildings and structures that are worth your visit. One of the first things that you should look for in the city is the New Born Obelisk, which was inaugurated during Kosovo’s independence in 2008. Other notable structures are the UNMK Headquarters, the Rilindja Tower, the OSCE Building, the Kosovo Museum, and the City Stadium.

Chill in Gnjilane

Gnjilane is one of the cities in Kosovo, and is the administrative centre of the District of Gnjilane. The city is also famous for having the lowest temperature in Kosovo. Book a car for hire in Kosovo and visit the famous places in the city. Some of the places that you must see while in Gnjilane are the city centre and the mosque. Drop by some shops and look for some souvenirs. You should also try the local dishes in the best local restaurants in Gnjilane.

Take a Trip To Kosovska Mitrovica

Kosovska Mitrovica is a city in the northern part of Kosovo. It played an important part in Kosovo’s struggle for independence as the headquarters of the Serbian majority in the region. After the war, Kosovska Mitrovica transformed into a beautiful city with majestic structures and landmarks. Hire a car in Kosovo and explore. The city is home to the Trepca Mines which has been closed down, and a campus of the University of Pristina. Serbian faculties of the university where relocated in Kosovska Mitrovica after the war. The city also has several football teams.

Rent a Car in Kosovo and Have a Great Time

Despite the fact that it has been through a lot, Kosovo was able to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and become the beautiful country that it was in the past. Explore this beauty, take a break and relax in Kosovo. With all its cities and beautiful landmarks, you’ll surely have a great time.

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