Amman Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)
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The Amman Queen Alia International Airport is your gateway to discovering Jordan, beginning in Amman. Drive a comfortable car hire Amman airport from Jordan’s largest airport to the city centre which is situated 32km away.

The airport is named after Queen Alia, the third wife of King Hussein of Jordan.

About Amman

Amman is the capital and largest city of Jordan. It is not only the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; it is also Jordan’s centre for politics, economy and culture. Amman has been inhabited by many civilisations beginning with the Ammonites. It was taken over by the Assyrians before it was briefly dominated by the Nabataeans.

It was then a great Roman trade centre before finally becoming a part of the Muslim empire. The Ottomans ruled until it was forced out by the Allies with help from the Hashimites. The monarchy formed then, continued to rule until today.

What to see and do

While tourism is a major revenue generator for Jordan, many mistakenly believe that there is not much to see in Amman, but they are wrong. In fact, Amman holds a few surprises for those willing to explore. There is no easier way to do so than to use a car hire Amman.

The first stop in Amman is the Roman Theatre, the largest theatre in Jordan. It can hold 6,000 spectators and is used for sports and cultural events. Paying a minimal entrance fee will also get you into the folklore museum and popular culture museum.

Drive yourself with a hire car Amman airport to the Citadel which covers four major tourist attractions in Amman. At the Citadel, you can visit the Temple of Herakles, the Byzantine Church, the Ummayad Palace and the National Archaeological Museum. Try to time your visit so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from a view point near the Citadel.

Being the capital of Jordan, you can definitely enjoy a bit of shopping in Amman. The City Mall is highly recommended but you can also visit Mecca Mall, Abdoun Mall and the Plaza Mall. Other than malls, visit the Sharia’a Al Wakalat or Brands Street.

With the convenience of Amman airport rental cars, Amman is a great base for you to start exploring the nearby areas. One of the popular destinations is the Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world at 394.6m below sea level. Another favourite destination is Mount Nebo, which offers a spectacular view of Jordan, Dead Sea and Jericho.

You can also drive to Jerash, famous for its Roman ruins and the archaeological site is only second to Petra in terms of popularity. At Jerash, you can visit the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa. It is also known as the Antioch on the Golden River.

As you can see, Amman and its nearby areas are waiting for you to discover its surprises. Just rent a car in Amman airport especially with the options and exclusive rates you can get.

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