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The Bailiwick of Jersey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency off France’s Normandy coast. Put simply, this means it has an international identity of its own and is not part of Britain or the UK or a full-fledged member of the EU. The climate is somewhat temperate, with pleasant summers not unlike the south coast of England. The island is divided into 12 parishes, all named after saints. The capital of Saint Helier alone accounts for 30 percent of the island’s 98,000 population. Get a car for hire in Jersey and you can explore Saint Helier, Saint Ouen, Saint Peter, and all the other parishes and their beaches and attractions at your own leisure.

Rent a Car in Jersey for a Saint Helier Holiday

The capital’s wide beach gets a lot wider at low tide, and is a favorite getaway spot for Britons looking for a day break close to home. Get a car for rent in Jersey, and you can poke around the parish to see attractions such as Elizabeth Castle, Maritime Museum and the Jersey Museum. The Central Market is a good place to take a break, and so are the Parade Grounds and La Collete Gardens. The Obelisk on Broad Street is one of the tourist landmarks you can see on the go, along with the statue of George II in Royal Square and the fountain in Central Market.

Five Mile Road Drive in Saint Ouen

Saint Ouen is perhaps the best known tourist destination on the island. Much of the parish is located on a peninsula and there are historic attractions such as Grosnez Castle and St. Ouen’s Manor. But the highlight of your visit will be the scenic drive on the Five Mile Road, which funnily enough is only about three miles long. But it makes for a memorable experience, with the Bay of St. Ouen and the Atlantic on one side and the finest sand dunes in Europe on the other.

Saint Peter Beaches and Sightseeing

If you are arriving by air, Saint Peter is the first place you see since the airport is located here. It is also a big draw for a waterfront holiday, being the only parish with two coasts. The tourist facilities are better than most of the other parishes. St. Peter’s Village even has a supermarket and an ale brewery. A drive in St. Peter’s Valley is recommended, with perhaps a stop at Le Moulin de Quétivel. This is the last surviving and restored water mill of the eight mills that have historically been a part of the valley since the 14th century.

Hire a Car in Jersey for Parish Hopping

Apart from the three aforementioned parishes, the other nine parishes each have their own coasts and unique attractions. Book your car rental in Jersey right now and figure out how you can drive along the coast and visit each parish in turn. You can start from Saint Peter or Saint Helier, and move southwest to Saint Brelade, where you will find the beach at St. Brelade's Bay and the village of Saint Aubin. From here, you can head towards Saint Ouen after crossing past Les Mielles Nature Reserve‎. Continue north past Saint Mary and Saint John to Trinity where you will find the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust for endangered species. Wrap up the tour with a drive past Saint Martin to Grouville and Saint Clement at the southeast tip of the island.

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