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Located at the mouth of the Yoshino River, Tokushima, the waterfront capital of Tokushima prefecture, was developed under the Hachisuka clan from 1587. It is a prosperous town surrounded by mountains in two sides with the sea on the other. As such it is an important port along the Japanese coast, but especially so for the Tokushima prefecture.

Attractions that will make you hire a car in Tokushima

There are many attractions in Tokushima which you can easily take in if you have a car at your disposal. However, the most popular and important is the Awa Odori cultural festival celebrated in August. It attracts more than 1 million spectators from all over the world. The festival is accompanied by traditional dances, music, songs, and parades. The festival marks the Obon festival. If you miss the annual event, you can catch the performance of the dance at a theatre in the city, Awa Odori Kaikan. Tokushima is also famous for its puppet theatre, Ningyo Joruri.

Other sites and attractions in Tokushima

To get to most of the attractions safely and conveniently, you need to rent a car in Tokushima. Tokushima castle garden and museum are interesting places to visit. They contain intriguing art and historical works. The Tokushima zoo is another exciting place to see. Next to the zoo are botanical gardens that offer different activities. Washi-no-Mon, otherwise called the Eagle Gate, is another place of interest. It is built on the ruins of Tokushima castle. Mt. Bishan offers various activities such as a cable car ride. There are several temples like Kokubun-ji temple that you can visit in the city.

Places worth a visit outside the city

There are other places you cannot afford to miss on your visit to Tokushima. The Otsuka International Museum in Naruto is one of them. Other than the delights in the museum, you can enjoy whirlpools of up to 20 m in diameter near the museum. The Anan coastal area, with its beautiful beaches, is another must visit. There are also attractive places in the Iya valley worth a visit. All these places are around the city and can be accessed if you’ve arranged for a car rental in Tokushima.

Getting a car for rent in Tokushima

There are various entry points into the city of Tokushima. You can opt to arrive by water from Tokyo. The ferry travels to Kita Kyushu from Tokyo via Tokushima. You can also choose to arrive at the Tokushima Airport, not far from the city. You can also arrive by train from Tokyo via Okayama. You can pick a car that will take you to your hotel from any of the entry points.

A trip to this industrious and beautiful city will be an adventure to anyone. The treats of the city and surrounding areas will charm you. The good road network makes a drive with a car for hire in Tokushima pleasant and very romantic. You may never want to leave!

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