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Suzuka is a traditional Japanese city that offers you a chance to see and observe many traditions, rituals, and sights, giving you a glimpse of the old Japan. Although the city has shared the development and transformation that Japan has undergone, you can still catch hints of the famous Japanese culture, traditions, and architecture, which are its trademarks. With so many activities to do, it is best to explore the city when you hire a car in Suzuka.

Rent a Car in Suzuka to Explore Its Wonderful Attractions

You will find many sights and attractions that remind you of classical Japan, but it is best that you have a car on hire and start your vacation with the Suzuka Circuit. Initially made for testing cars by Honda, this is now a renowned racing track. Don’t worry about booking a ticket beforehand, as you will easily get one when you reach Suzuka Circuit. The sheer force and the tenacity of the race cars are beyond words and will have you on your feet, making your trip to Suzuka Circuit worthwhile.

The Ise Katagami Stencil Museum

There is probably no other culture that can match the richness and complexities of the Japanese culture. A good place to explore the wonderful Japanese art of stencil will be the Ise Katagami Stencil Museum. The museum celebrates the creation of kimono created by Ise Katagami Stencil. The building itself reflects history, considering that it was built in the Edo Period. You can actually see the stencil in use in the museum every last Sunday of the month.

Suzuka Traditional Industries Museum

The city of Suzuka is known for its traditional elements. You will come across numerous industries that manufacture traditional products such as ink, paper, and clothes. Every second Sunday of the month, you can visit numerous places in the city where skilled craftsmen still display the traditional processes, in which they remake ink, paper, clothes, and many more designs and techniques that made these items. Don’t forget to get these items for a low cost, as they make perfect souvenirs. Having a car for hire in Suzuka will come in handy, as you will be meandering around the city looking for places to spend your time.

Get a Car for Rent in Suzuka to Easily Explore the Delights of Mie

When you arrive in Suzuka, you can also visit the numerous attractions sprawled across the Mie Prefecture. When you use any car rental in Suzuka, proceed to Iga, Nabari, Matsusaka, Shima, and Toba whenever you want. In these places, you will find many more exciting sights and marvelous things to do, and a rented car will make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

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