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Shizuoka City is the capital of Shizuoka Prefecture, located in the island of Honshu in Japan. It is located in between Tokyo and Nagoya, and is surrounded by other municipalities, such as Shimada, Fuji, Minobu, and Ina. It is believed that Shizuoka has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is considered as the largest city (in terms of area) in Japan, due to the merger with Shimizu City in 2003. Its location between Suruga Bay and Minami Alps makes it an ideal vacation spot all year round.

Book a Car for Rent in Shizuoka and Have a Great Time

Japan is such a wonderful and beautiful country that it attracts thousands of visitors yearly. It is also the perfect mix of the modern and the ancient, with its picturesque temples and its advanced technology. If you are aversed to the crowds in Tokyo, then it would be better to choose another Japanese city, like Shizuoka. It is a relatively big city, so you wouldn’t have to worry about accommodations and services. Just book your hotel room and car rental in Shizuoka before you go, so that you wouldn’t have any problems.

Go on a Food Trip in Shizuoka

One of the things that attract foreigners to Japan is its unique and tasty cuisine. Who wouldn’t want to taste the famous ramen right where it originated? Luckily for you, Shizuoka has a lot of food choices that can keep you occupied. With your car for hire in Shizuoka, scour the streets and look for the best Japanese dishes available. Don’t be fooled with the size of the stalls or restaurants. Based on experience, the smaller the stall, the better the food tastes. Watch out for long lines of people waiting for their food. Longer lines mean that the food tastes really good. Go out and stuff yourself with gyoza, oden, mochi, and soba noodles.

Fruits and Festivals

Aside from its delicious dishes, Shizuoka also abounds with fruits and festivals. If you happen to be in Japan by the start of spring, then you’re lucky. Shizuoka has one of the best locations for cherry blossom viewing, and it also celebrates the Shizuoka Festival. Hire a car in Shizuoka and head to Sengen Shrine. While you’re at it, look for the freshest fruits in the Farmers’ Market. Shizuoka is popular for its strawberries, citrus fruits, peaches, and even green tea.

Rent a Car in Shizuoka and Have a Unique Japanese Vacation

A trip to Shizuoka will give you an authentic Japanese vacation that you have been looking for. Book your tickets in time with the start of spring, so that you can have the best vacation ever.

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