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Sapporo is the largest city on Hokkaido Island. It is enriched with an amazing history. The traditional culture is well preserved. However, the modern culture is also well engrained in the city. The fusion of that which is traditional and modern makes the city an amazing place to visit.

How to get to the city from an airport when you rent a car in Sapporo

The nearest airport to Sapporo is the New Chitose airport, 40 km away from the city centre. However, the city can also be accessed through the Asahikawa, Hakodate, or Aomori airports. These airports are more than 100 km from Sapporo, but the drive to the city is enjoyable. It is dotted with interesting features along the way that will keep you interested. The other option is to catch a plane from the main airport to one of Sapporo’s local airports. This will make the drive to the hotel much shorter.

Things that make Sapporo famous

Sapporo came into the limelight in 1927, when it hosted the Winter Olympics. It made history by being the first country in Asia to host the event. The annual Yuki Matsuri, Sapporo snow festival held in February, is one of a kind, bringing more than 2 million visitors to the city. The Sapporo brewery or beer museum is the most popular brewery in Japan. It produces the Sapporo beer which is a favourite in Japan. It has must see tours open to the public. The Sapporo dome, a sports centre colossal which sits 40,000 people, is an attractive, modern, unique feature in Sapporo.

Other interesting places in Sapporo

Sapporo is one of those cities that are always exciting. Moerenuma Park is removed from the city but can be accessed with a car for hire in Sapporo. This park is an architectural wonder. It contains unique, man-made features that make it spectacular. However, the most attractive feature must be the sea fountain in the middle of the park. Mt. Moiwa, near Sapporo, has one of the best ski slopes. Mt. Okura observatory is another spectacular place, with ski/snow board areas open at all the times of the year.

Cultural delights accessible when you hire a car in Sapporo

Sapporo is rich in history and culture. The Sapporo art museum is 13 km away from the city. The historical village of Hokkaido, 12 km from the city, is one of Japan’s open air museums. It is this easy to drive to this museum in a car for rent in Sapporo. The museum displays almost everything, from buildings to sleighs, some dating back to the Meiji era. The Shiroi Koibito Park in Miyanosawa offers a walk through the culture and history of chocolate. It is famous for its one-of-a-kind white chocolate cookie.

There are also many entertainment places in Sapporo. The best way to enjoy all the sights and activities is to get a car rental in Sapporo. This will allow you enjoy some autonomy and time for exploration. So go online and book now for the best trip to Japan.

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