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Speaking of Japan, the first image that you probably have in your mind is sushi. Other than digital animation and “Manga”, you will be surprised when you look at the border between the sky and sea. They are so indistinguishable that you cannot tell where the skyline is. Okinawa, which is in the southern side of Japan, is where you will be amazed at this azure scene. It is a hybrid of the East and the West, and it is where you would want to drive and to travel.

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Drive as if you were a Japanese to hide your tourist identity. It is even better if you know how to speak a little bit of Japanese. You can imagine the fun that you will experience when you travel this way.

When you rent a car in Prefectura de Okinawa, your trip will almost certainly be perfect and memorable. Some might claim that a car rental in Prefectura de Okinawa is useless, since you are going to an island. This is not true because your trip should not stop in Prefectura de Okinawa.

Leave your footprints in Okinawa islands

Prefectura de Okinawa is not an island. Indeed, several small islands form together this southernmost prefecture. They are roughly grouped into Okinawa Shoto, Okinawa Honto, Mitako Retto, and Yaeyama Retto. If you view its geographical location from above, the four island groups would seem like a huge island chain. In fact, these Okinawa islands can be said to be a bridge between Kitakyushu and Taiwan.

Eat, play, and travel in Okinawa Prefectura

Most visitors will land in Naha, which is the capital city of Okinawa. The lovely subtropical climate makes it a perfect travel destination throughout the year.

Okinawa is a beautiful island, where you can stay close to its rich coral reef and underwater marina world. Thus, snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts should not miss out on these activities in the island.

Okinawa also offers hop-on-hop-off trips to bring tourists to visit various nearby islands by ferry. All in all, tourists have a lot of things to do while exploring this great island.

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Aside from the breathtaking scenery of Okinawa, visitors will also be surprised by its distinct culture from the rest of Japanese towns. Inside a restaurant, you can hear as much English as Japanese being spoken. Its language and cuisine will make it clear to you that you should lower your expectation of a traditional Japanese culture during your travel.

It is highly advisable that you should hire a car in Prefectura de Okinawa and extend your trip to nearby places, such as Chatan, Gushikawa, Ishikawa, and Haebaru. Driving to these other places will allow you to know more about this beautiful Asian country.

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