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Okayama is a huge city located in Japan. It is the capital city of the Okayama Prefacture and is home to a very large number of captivating attractions. It houses castles, shrines, gardens, and everything else that the perfect tourism spot ought to have! Moreover, you will find many amazing activities to do here! Get a car rental in Okayama and explore the city with comfort and convenience!

Get a car for hire in Okayama and go for drives in the city

The best way to explore Okayama is by means of a car, as it is a very large city. A rented car will provide you with a comfortable trip, and it is also the safest mode of transport. A rented car will give you the flexibility you need, and allow you to visit as many places as you want, at your own pace. When necessary, with a rented car, you can make changes in your itinerary and explore nearby towns and cities as well. Moreover, the time you spend at the various attractions is completely in your hands. Get a car for rent in Okayama and travel freely at your leisure.

Places for you to explore

You must definitely pay a visit to the Okayama Castle. This castle is unique as it is black in colour, and features excellent architecture. Also, you will be able to discover the history of the castle once you are inside the building. Another amazing place to visit is the Sogen-ji. This a very large Zen Temple, which is accompanied by several shrines located nearby; it features a steam bath made for meditation. While in Okayama don’t fail to visit the Okayama Orient Museum, which displays excellent artworks from Japan as well as from China and Persia! You will find this museum worth your time, as you view the articles on display there.

Things to do in Okayama

You will find a pleasant garden in Okayama called Handyama Botanical Garden, which houses a number of beautiful flowers. The city has a large number of museums, some of which are Japanese Fossil museum, Animo Museum, and Hayashibara Museum of Art. Choose the ones you want to visit and explore away to your heart’s content. There is a very beautiful garden here named Korakuen, where you will find a number of ponds, shrines, and forests. This is a very delightful place and is very popular among tourists. Hire a car in Okayama and explore all these places with ease.

Rent a car in Okayama and head to nearby cities

There are some amazing cities located in the nearby region, which will surely fascinate you when you go there in your rented car. Some of these cities are Soja, Kurashiki, Kamogata, Sakaide, and Shido. Book your car online right away and get ready to drive to these cities to have a fully enjoyable trip!

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