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Among the many cities of Japan, Nagoya is a unique place. It is a perfect blend of modern settlements and attractions, along with many historical sites that highlight the city’s rich heritage. If you are searching for a perfect holiday destination then visit the city of Nagoya. Located in the Chubu Region, Nagoya also serves as an ideal base from where you can explore other neighboring towns and cities like Kasugai, Kanie, Komaki, Iwakua and Inazawa by getting a car for rent in Nagoya.

Hire a car in Nagoya to visit the Toyota plant

For many tourists, a visit to an automobile plant may not seem to be alluring or tempting, but the Toyota plant is different. Here, you will be able to familiarize yourself with numerous concepts of Japanese management like Total Quality Management or Kaizen. The automation and robotics that will unfold before your eyes during your visit, is definitely worth your while. Your tour will start from the main exhibition hall, called Toyota Kaikan. From there, you will be taken to the nearby factories, where you will see firsthand, the brilliant mechanism of making Toyota automobiles. Admission is free, and you can easily reach it by using a car for hire in Nagoya. It is just 90 minutes away from the main Nagoya Station.

Tokugawa Art Museum (Tokugawa Bijutsukan)

No trip to a Japanese city is complete without visiting the wonderful museums celebrating the rich Japanese culture and history. Nagoya is no different, and you will find that Tokugawa Art Museum offers you wonderful displays of Japanese art and culture. You can have a look at the “Tale of Genji”, which is belived to be the first novel ever written in human history. You can also find many artifacts and relics of the eras gone by, including armors, swords, and other objects used by emperors and Samurais. You can visit the intricately designed Tokugawaen gardens, that was landscaped like the traditional Edo gardens. You will have to pay ¥150 to gain entry in addition to ¥1200 for the museum.

Restaurants of Nagoya

Nagoya has many restaurants and eateries that will tantalize your taste buds with delectable Japanese dishes. The prices are less than those in Tokyo. Among the many dishes that you can try are donburi, Kaiten and other typical Japanese noodles. Visit the Daibutsu Korokoro on Nakamura-ku, Ibasho on Naka Ru and also the neighboring Kisoji restaurants for a taste of authentic Japanese dishes. You won’t be disappointed.

Getting a car rental in Nagoya to make your traveling easy

Roaming in a city where very few people speak English, can be a very frustrating experience. Chances are, you will get lost. Trying to understand the schedules of the local transportation can spoil an otherwise delightful holiday. It is therefore essential to rent a car in Nagoya through our website. It is equipped with a wonderful GPS system, that will make navigation considerably easy for you. Besides this you can also use your rented car to visit other places that are inaccessible by local transport.

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