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Nagasaki is a city in the island of Kyushu in Japan. It is the capital of Nagasaki Prefecture, and it is also its largest cities. Neighbouring cities are Tsushima, Omura, Iki, Goto, and Matsuura. The city’s name means “long cape”. It is an important historical and cultural center in Japan, and it is home to many Western architectural wonders. It was founded by the Portuguese, and due to the existence of many Portuguese and European churches and structures in the city, Nagasaki is being pushed to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Book Car Rental in Nagasaki and Have a Blast

Nagasaki has a very long history, which is slightly different from that of the capital city of Tokyo. The city is located in the island of Kyushu, one of the four largest islands of Japan. It was founded by the Portuguese sometime in the 16th century, making it home to several Western-style architectural wonders. Also, it suffered from an atomic bomb attack during the Second World War. Despite all these things, Nagasaki has risen above the ashes of its past and has bloomed into an amazing city with wonderful tourist destinations. To start your adventure, go online and book a car for hire in Nagasaki. Once you’re done, you can start your adventure.

Exploring the City

Nagasaki is home to many different festivals, events, and tourist destinations. Spend a day or two exploring the wonderful sights (and sites) in the city. Just book a car for rent in Nagasaki and head on over to Confucius Shrine, the Dejima Museum of History, the Glover Garden, Megane Bridge, Mount Inasa, and the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. A visit to these places will surely give you a lot of knowledge about the history and culture of Nagasaki.

Shopping and Dining

One thing that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Nagasaki is to go on a shopping and gastronomic adventure. Rent a car in Nagasaki and look for the restaurants that serve the best delicacies in Nagasaki. Must-try dishes are champon (a noodle dish), sara udon (noodles with cabbages, beans and other vegetables), kasutera or castella (Japanese sponge cake) and karasumi (dried salted mullet roe). Your tummy will surely thank you for all these treats. After treating yourself to some happy food, go shopping for souvenirs and trinkets to bring home to your friends and family.

Hire a Car in Nagasaki and Make Your Body and Soul Happy

Your vacation in Nagasaki would definitely one of the best that you’ll ever have, especially if you use a rental car to make getting around easy. Go shopping, eating and sightseeing in this beautiful city located in one of the largest islands in the country.

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