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The city of Miyazaki, Japan is located in the central region of Miyazaki Prefecture and has a rail terminal joining it to southeastern Kyushu. The city experiences mild weather, which explains the abundance of palm and phoenix tress growing throughout the city. You can find some of the best restaurants and hotels in the city, that offer great service, wholesome accommodation, and meal facility. The hotels have their local guides who can arrange car for hire in Miyazaki, so that you can visit various places according to your own time schedule.

Visit various tourist destinations by using car for rent in Miyazaki

Aoshima Island is the major attraction for tourists visiting Miyazaki. This beach resort island is located a bit at the outskirts, to the south of Miyazaki and has white beaches with subtropical jungle in the centre of the island. A colorful shrine, Jinja, is located at the centre of Aoshima Island and is said to bring good luck to newlyweds.

The Museum

The Miyazaki science museum or Cosmoland is located across the Miyazaki station and has exhibits showcasing aerospace and physics. The Heiwadai Park, also known as Peace Tower Park, was built in 1940, and has more than 400 haniwa or replica statues. To visit these places across the city you should hire a car in Miyazaki.

Shrines in and near Miyazaki

Just like every Japanese city, Miyazaki too has its own collection of shrines and temples. The oldest shrine in Miyazaki is the Miyazaki shrine and is dedicated to the famous Emperor Jimmu, and according to mythology, it dates back to 2600 years ago. Udo Shrine is located to the south of Miyazaki on the Nichinan coast, and is named after Yamasachihiko, the father of emperor Jimmu. Since these shrines lie at the outskirts of the city, you will have to rent a car in Miyazaki to enjoy exploring them.

Visit nearby tourist spots and cities with a car rental in Miyazaki

Other extremely popular tourist destinations that are located close to Miyazaki are Kirishima National Park and Takachiho Mountain. According to Japanese mythology, Takachiho is the place where Ninigi descended from the heavens when the sungoddess, Amaterasu sent her down to earth. It is a religious place with abundant natural beauty. On the other hand, Kirishima Park consists of volcanic mountains with hot springs and volcanic lakes. Some of the cities that are located near Miyazaki are Sadowara, Takanabe, Nichinan, Kobayashi, and Nobeoka. If you want to have an enjoyable trip to these cities, hire a car from a car rental in Miyazaki. Have a pleasant journey.

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