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If you love to visit oriental places then, the city of Matsuyama, Japan, located in the Shikku region of Japan and also known as the capital city of Ehime Prefecture is the right place for you. The city was used by the renowned Japanese author Natsume Soseki as the setting for his famous novel ‘Botchan’. The book is now a part of Japan’s school curriculum. The city also has major tourist attractions which can be visited by arranging a car for hire in Matsuyama.

Opt for a car for rent in Matsuyama for visiting various places

The city of Matsuyama is most popularly known for the Matsuyamajo, one of the most beautiful castles situated in the heart of the city. The castle is located on a hilltop and offers scintillating view of the whole city. The Seto Inland Sea looks most beautiful from this elevation. Another historical site worth visiting is the Bicchu Matsuyama Castle which also offers an impressive view from the top. To visit these two castles and other interesting attractions, you can hire a car in Matsuyama, and explore at your own pace and convenience.

Exploring beauty and grandeur of the city

Everyone looks forward to the blooming of Cherry blossoms in Japan. It is a natural phenomenon, when all the Cherry Blossom trees wear an ornamental look with bright white flowers decorating the entire city of Matsuyama. After having your fill of the city of flowers, you can head to Dogo Park that is located in Dogo Onsen in the region of Shikoku. It is known for its hot spring resorts and is definitely a must visit site. You can reach this place by a car rental in Matsuyama. The park has various hanami spots where you can experience the traditional Japanese custom of flower viewing. It also has a small fortress located on the hilltop.

Other places of attraction in Matsuyama

Chhiharu Matsuyama is the birthplace of the famous Japanese singer Hokkaido and has some famous places that features the life of this great singer. Ashoro galaxy is a place very much popular with riders and is located in close proximity to Hall Road station. Ninomaru Historical Garden located at the bottom of the Matsuyama Castle hill displays old constructions, buildings, small bridges, ponds and more. If you are lucky, you can come across a tea-party being arranged in this garden.

Rent a car in Matsuyama for visiting nearby cities

There are four cities that are located at equidistance (0.7 km) from Matsuyama. They are Sambancho, Horinouchi-machi, Matsuyama-Sambancho, and Horinouchicho. Other cities nearby are Mithuhama and Olguricho. You just need to choose a car rental, book a car, and conveniently pay a visit to these delightful cities.

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