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Kyoto is a very large city located in Japan. It is sometimes called the most beautiful city of Japan. Kyoto was the capital city of Japan for over 1,000 years, and the number of places to see in the city is simply overwhelming! The city is home to 14 different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The currency used is the Japanese Yen (JPY) and the official language of the region is Japanese. The best way to explore the city is by using a car rental in Kyoto.

Take a Car for Hire in Kyoto for Easy Traveling

Kyoto is a very large city and the best way to explore it is by car. Though the public transport is highly efficient, most of the names of the places are in Japanese, and understanding these might be a big problem. Moreover, a car is much more comfortable and safer than other modes of transport. It also provides you with certain flexibility and you can make changes in your itinerary and schedule as you wish. Get yourself and your co-travellers a car for rent in Kyoto and enjoy the comfort it will bring!

Places You Should See

Visiting just the UNESCO World Heritage Sites would be a mammoth task! They are scattered in the entire city and three of them are located outside the city. Visit all these sites for an experience worth remembering! Pay a visit to the four imperial villas named Katsura-Rikyu, Shugaku-In-Rikyu, Sento-Gosho, and Kyoto-Gosho. Visiting these villas is not simple. You will need to pre-book your visit here due to the heavy influx of people coming in to explore these places.

Things to Do

Plan your trip according to the many events organised in the city. Visit in the beginning of April for the Cherry Blossom season to see and enjoy the events organised where you can view the lovely blossoms. If you plan to come in July, then you should not miss the Gion Matsuri event! Japan is famous for the Buddhist meditation art. Visit the temples named Taizo-In and Shunko-In where you will be introduced to this mesmerising art.

Hire a Car in Kyoto for Convenient Exploring

Kyoto is very large city and renting a car here is a wise thing to do! You can rent a car in Kyoto to uncover the nearby cities of Kyoto such as Yasu, UJI, Muko, Otsu, and Kizu. Enjoy exploring the city as you travel around comfortably and safely!

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