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Kumamoto is the capital city of the Kumamoto Prefecture, geographically positioned on Kyushu Island in Japan. This is a highly developed and modernised city, occupying about 150 square miles. Due to the heavy technological advancement and high living standards in Japan, Kumamoto has attained an extremely high population density. The main international entry to Kumamoto is via the Kumamoto Airport, situated at Mashiki town. With your car for rent in Kumamoto, you can use the Kyushu Expressway and join Route 443 via Route 57, in order to get into the city centre.

Tour the city using a car rental in Kumamoto

Kumamoto and the surrounding cities are mainly served by the Kyushu Expressway, Highway 325, 3 and 208. The expressway runs on a north-south direction, opening up Uki and Yatsushiro Cities to the south, respectively. Koshi at the northeast, Kikuchi and Yamaga at the north all use Highway 325, while Tamana at the northwest uses Route 3 and 208. The main commercial and business area is centrally located in Kumamoto City’s downtown area, and is strategically concentrated within one zone.

Get set for a tour of the city’s attractions

Rent a car in Kumamoto and cruise to 5-16 Joto-Cho Street, where you can have a peaceful stay at the Ark Hotel Kumamotojyo Mae. This is a classy hotel with modern, crisp rooms and matching service. You can have the benefit of guest room, buffet breakfast, a meeting room, a massage parlour, a Japanese tea room, and a restaurant in this hotel. A good place to start your visit is at the historic Kumamoto Castle. This is a premier Japanese castle situated at Chuo-ku, within the city centre. It is a symbolic piece of ancient Japanese architecture that gives evidence of the culture and development of the Japanese historical ages.

Visit Suizenji Park

Driving in your car for hire in Kumamoto for about 1.8 miles southeast of the Kumamoto Castle, you will get to this scenic garden called Suizen-ji Joju-en. This is a historic site of scenic beauty located next to Suizenji Temple. It features the enshrined collections of the historic Hosokawa Family, the ancient owners of a Buddhist temple. Suizen-ji Joju-en also features the Nogaku-do theatre and is also home to the Suizenji Municipal Stadium. You will also view the historic Kokin-Denju-no-ma, a thatched tea house that depicts the original tea growing practices in the area.

Hire a car in Kumamoto for some shopping

The Suizenji Park also features several tourist shops where you can buy some gifts and items as you enjoy the scenic landscapes and small, clear lakes. The downtown area of the city also features massive shopping malls such as the Kamitori and the Shimotori shopping arcades.

The list of attractions and leisure activities in Kumamoto is insatiably large. It’s best to make early plans to visit this resort soon. Book your rented car online early and have a memorable and comfortable vacation at Kumamoto.

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