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The city of Kanazawa is located in the Ishikawa prefecture of Japan, and is one of the most frequented cities in the country. This can be attributed to the presence of the famous Japanese Alps and the city’s association with Japan’s history and heritage. You will not only find scenic views and alluring modern attractions, but you will also experience a rich, local culture scene. On account of the diverse attractions in the city, there is always something for every visitor to do or see. You should definitely use a car for hire in Kanazawa so that you can explore the city thoroughly without missing anything.

Use car rental in Kanazawa to visit Kanazawa-jo

You can start your holidays in Kanazawa by visiting the historic castle there. Surrounded by lush, green gardens, the area around the castle is an ideal place for a picnic and a romantic stroll. The Castle itself has been renovated recently, but the fascinating Ishikawa gate is still in its original condition. You will be amazed to know that the tiles used to build the gate, were sometimes utilized as ammunitions whenever the castle came under siege for a length of time. Use your car for rent in Kanazawa to reach the Castle and to visit the nearby Kenrokuen Gardens, both famous for their wonderful beauty and magnificence.

Visit Gyokusen Garden

The fondness of the Japanese to create wonderful gardens is evident in the Gyokusen Garden, that was built here by the royal family of Kanazawa. You will find the garden a pleasant interlude from the hustle and bustle of the city. You are bound to fall for the intricate arrangement of the maple trees along the banks of a charming pond. The pond itself is a sight to behold, as it springs from two waterfalls that form the word “mizu” which means water. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a very soothing and refreshing tea, for ¥600 only.

The Myoryu Ji

What can be more enticing than a ninja temple located in the center of Kanazawa. Called Myoryu Ji, the temple can be found right on No-Machi street. It was in fact a passageway for the leading Daimyo to escape easily in case the city was invaded. Built in 1643, this place is now accessible to tourists for an admission fee of ¥800. It’s a small two story building that has a very complex architecture. It has numerous hidden passageways and myriads of trap doors. In the building there is a hidden room where the escaping lords can commit bushido, the ritual suicide. With so many booby traps and hidden ways, it is mandatory to have a travel guide with you when you visit the temple.

Go rent a car in Kanazawa for a thrilling trip to the city

When you plan your trip to the city, don’t forget to hire a car in Kanazawa. With your rented car, you can use Kanazawa as a base from where you can explore nearby cities, such as Nonoichi, Mattō, Tsurugi, Tsubata, and Fukumitsu. The various attractions and beautiful sites in these cities can add to a more thrilling and enjoyable holiday for you.

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