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If you are confused about which destination will be ideal for you to visit during your holidays, you can choose Japan. The country consists of many small and big islands that feature wonderful attractions and sights that allow you to enjoy your vacations wonderfully. The country’s love affair with technology will be apparent to you as soon as you enter it. You will see large electronic displays and virtually everything is done by machines and computers. Japan offers you rich culture, modern attractions, and breathtaking natural sights, making it imperative that you hire a car in Japan to explore all that there is for you in the country.

Get a car for hire in Japan to explore the city of Osaka

Compared to the capital city of Tokyo or the cultural city of Kyoto, Osaka is also a great city to visit. It has some magnificent attractions that you can enjoy when you visit it in your car for rent in Japan. The foremost attraction in the city is the famous Floating Garden Observatory. By paying admission an fee of 700 Yen you can get panoramic views of the city below. Since the observatory is found in-between the two towers of the Umeda Sky building, you will get goose bumps as the elevator will take you from one tower to another.


The city of Kyoto is quintessentially Japanese, as it offers not only an insight into the old Japan, but also a glimpse into the modern technological Japan. With women wearing traditional kimonos shopping in the city, and modern amenities and infrastructure dependent on robotics and computers, Kyoto is truly a wonder. The city is the hub of Japanese culture, but it is the presence of the numerous shrines that makes the city so tempting. When you visit Kyoto, you can find that among the many shrines that you can visit, the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine deserves a mention. The Inari Shrines are dedicated to the Shinto god of rice and you will find statues of the foxes on these temples. The Fushimi Inari Shrine is significant due to the 4-kilometre long path that leads to the shrines through a series of 10,000 magnificent gates called Torri Gates.

The capital, Tokyo

Being the capital of Japan, Tokyo is filled with numerous attractions and sights that are dedicated to the struggle of the country. Among the many landmarks and museums that you will find in the city, you must visit the Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan museum. By paying an admission fee of 600 Yen, you can get an insight into the history and culture of the country. The Edo Zone is the permanent exhibition in the museum which opens with a perfect replica of the Nihombashi, the bridge of Japan.

Benefits of using car rental in Japan

Japan has a very efficient local transportation system that can get you to any part of the country within hours, but go and rent a car in Japan to have the freedom to head wherever you please. You will find that when you are behind a steering wheel, the joy of being able to go to any place increases exponentially.

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