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Gifu, is a city located in the South Central portion of Gifu Prefecture, in Japan. It is a city which played an important part in the history of Japan, because of its location. Being in the centre of Japan, Gifu used to unify and control the whole of Japan in the past. Fast forward to the present, Gifu is now the core city of the national government. Gifu city, located at the alluvial plain of Nagara river, is famous for two things: minowashi(a local traditional craft) and agriculture. Neighboring cities, like Godo, Mino, Tarui, and Ogaki are easily accessible, if you drive a car for hire in Gifu.

Go fishing and Have Fun

Cormorant fishing is famous as a tourist attraction in Gifu. No doubt, cormorant fishing is done elsewhere in Japan, but cormorant fishing in Nagara River is at least 1,300 years old. Six fishing professionals paddling in a small boat simultaneously, while using birds to catch ayu sweetfish, is the biggest cormorant fishing event in all of Japan. This is usually done during the “in” season, every night from May 11 to October 15. Book a car rental in Gifu and come experience cormorant fishing, which caught the interest of many famous people, including Charlie Chaplin.

Museums are fun

The largest museum in the city is Gifu City Museum of History. Situated in Gifu Park, the museum focuses on many exhibits that depict Gifu’s history. The museum supported by the city, also often hosts special exhibits. When you have enough of this museum, Eizo & Toichi Kato Memorial Art Museum, dedicated to the works of two artists, Nawa Insect Museum, and Gifu Castle Archive Museum are just nearby. To have a history-packed day, be sure hire a car in Gifu and head to Gifu Park.

Festivities in Gifu

Annually, festivities are aplenty in Gifu, with the first festival being Dosan Festival. This festival in honor of Saito Dosan, takes place near Jozai-ji, where his remains are buried. Gifu city also hosts cultural festivals like Tejikara Fire Festival, which is held twice a year. During the festival half-naked men ring bells and carry shrines and devices which shoot off sparks. During your visit, be sure to drive a car for rent in Gifu, to experience the festivities that are colourful and amazing.

Rent a car in Gifu and have a wonderful time

Be sure to have a checklist of things to bring before your vacation to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. At the top of your list, you should include a rental car, so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation with ease and convenience.

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