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A Prefecture of Japan, this town is located in the Kanto Region. The city borders Ibaraki-osaka prefecture to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the east, and Tokyo and Saitama prefectures further to the east. The prefecture has the second highest agricultural production, with rice, vegetables, and peanuts being the dominant crops in the region. The city is home to Japan’s second busiest Narita International Airport from where you can pick up a car rental in Chiba.

Rent a car in Chiba and learn its history

The history of this prefecture and the wider Japan can be accessed at one of the museums in the prefecture. The National Museum of Japanese History in Sakura extensively exhibits the archaeological, folk culture, and history of Japan. Come see the large archaeological collection and hear some Japanese folk lore. Visit Nokogiriyama and see the Buddhist temples, which date back from the 725 C.E.

Enjoy nature’s best in Chiba

6% of the total land is designated for natural parks. There are eight natural parks which predominantly lie on the coastal region of the city. The Minami-Boso Quasi-National Park is shared in nine jurisdictions in the Chiba prefecture and a car for hire in Chiba will help you explore them all. The park has different attractions based on the available resources in the jurisdiction. The Katsuura portion is home to an underwater marine park which has a wide variety of marine life.

Shopping in Chiba

Indulge in some retail therapy at the AEON Narita Shopping Centre. Located just five kilometres away from the busy Narita Airport, this shopping centre has everything you may want, ranging from quality imported goods and clothing to authentic art pieces. You can get a car for rent in Chiba to get to the amazing LaLaport Kashiwanoha. This commercial centre has embraced technology, which provides a harmonious coexistence with nature to give you a truly unique shopping experience.

Hire a car in Chiba to get to the best hotels

Enjoy your stay in Chiba by getting the best hotel information in the city. The Manhattan hotel in Hibino Mihama-ku, Chiba is a great place to stay as you explore the city. The hotel overlooks Tokyo Bay to give you a fantastic view. The rooms are spacious and have all the modern amenities with a lot of Japanese influence. It’s surrounded by beautiful gardens with paths for those who enjoys a bit of running. The hotel is very accessible as buses and trains are within walking distances.

The Chiba prefecture has a lot to offer and through our website, you can get a good deal on a car rental to help you explore this city. Book now for a Japanese experience you will never forget.

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