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Aomori is a city in Japan and is known for its temples and castles. The huge mountain ranges, the crystal clear streams, the huge tall buildings, and Buddhist temples are the landmarks of this beautiful city. This city is also filled with parks and the most popular ones are the Gappo Park and Ashino Park. These parks also provide a perfect backdrop for your picnic plans. You can visit these places and a lot more by getting a car for rent in Aomori. You will definitely enjoy your trip.

Rent a car in Aomori and visit Hirosaki Castle

The Hirosaki Castle is like a trademark of this city. Surrounded by tall thick trees, this castle is set apart from the rest of the city and free tours are offered. The most interesting thing about the castle is the cherry blossoms. People come here to view these cherry blossoms. Over thirty thousand blossoms bloom every spring and the tourists are marvelled by it. You can also view this spectacular sight by getting a car for hire in Aomori.

The Hakoji Temple in Aomori

Aomori is crowded with temples but the most widely-visited one is the Hakoji Temple. There are two reasons for it. One is that the ashes of Buddha were flown over here. The second reason is due to the fame of a cedar tree which is near this temple. This tree is said to be a thousand years old. You should definitely visit this castle whenever you are in Aomori.

The mind blowing Hakkoda Mountains

Aomori is also a perfect place to polish your hiking techniques. The best place for hiking in Aomori is the Hakkoda Mountains. You also get many trainers who would be happy to help the especially beginners. These mountains are one of Aomori’s many blessings; the scenery around the mountains is simply spectacular.

Car rental in Aomori

You will have the best time if you will hire a car in Aomori. With a car, you won’t have to wait for public transport and you will save a lot of money which you can spend on your visits to the nearby cities like Hakodate, Mustu, Noshiro, Kamiiso, and Namioka. A trip to these cities will provide you more information about the culture and trends of Japan. Do not forget to bring a camera with you to capture the golden and lovely moments.

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