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The city of Tokushima in Japan is a very well known destination for tourists. It is located on the eastern part of Shikoku Island and has over 267,343 inhabitants. Tokushima looks like a typical castle town of Japan. The city was established sometime during the 19th century and is well connected by railways and an airport.

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, there are some scenic places to visit in Tokushima, such as the Tokushima Castle the Indigo House and the Museum of Modern Art. You can use the services of the Toksuhima airport rental cars for getting around in the city. These cars can be easily hired from our website.

Tokushima – A Historical Perspective

The city of Tokushima was established only in the year 1889. It was and still is one of the main transport hubs in the eastern part of the Shikoku region. The city of Tokushima was bombed quite heavily during the Second World War by the United States Armed Forces. Today, it has resumed its role as one of the flourishing cities on the Shikoku Island.

Airport Services in Tokushima

Tokushima is served by one major international airport. This airport is known as the Tokushima airport. You can avail some really good booking discounts and offers for the car hire Tokushima facilities if you use our services. We also have provisions for online booking for the hire car Tokushima airport requirements.

Tourism in Toskushima

The Japanese city of Tokushima has some well known tourist attractions. Mount Tsurugi-San-lya is a beautiful valley and the Anan coastal area is amongst the few.

Two of the most famous tourist destinations in Tokushima are the Tokushima Castle that is located on top of a hill and houses a museum, and House of Indigo, the former residence of an indigo merchant. Here you can learn the art of dyeing your own fabrics using real indigo. The Anan coast on the other hand s famous for the deep blue sea which contains the Japan’s current. There are numerous tourist spots from bathing places to campsites, surfing and diving spots in the shoreline.

If you rent a car in Tokushima airport, you will be able to reach all these renowned tourist locations within a short time and without having to go through much trouble. You should therefore try and opt for the car hire Tokushima airport services when you are touring the city of Tokushima.

Undoubtedly, car hire Tokushima airport service is one of the most convenient services for sightseeing in this marvelous city.

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