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The Okinawa Prefecture in Japan consists of numerous small islands. These islands were under the rule of the Ryuku Kingdom during the Medieval times. Okinawa is situated halfway between the islands of Taiwan and Kyushu. The Senkaku Islands which are also a part of the Okinawa Prefecture are much disputed. There are some beautiful tourist attractions in the Okinawa Prefecture such as the Shuri Castle in the city of Naha and the Gusuku ruins. You can compare the car hire rates of different car rental companies before you book your car hire in Okinawa airport for your travel requirements through our website.

Okinawa – A Historical Perspective

Okinawa was ruled by the famous Ryuku rulers of Japan for a long time. Okinawa had important trading relations with China during the 15th century. The famous Battle of Okinawa took place during the Second World War. This war was fought between the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers. Following the end of the Second World War and the defeat of the Axis Powers, Okinawa came under American control for twenty seven years long.

Airport Services in Okinawa

The Okinawa Prefecture is served by a major international airport known as the Prefectura de Okinawa Airport. There are some amazing offers discounts and deals on car hire in Okinawa airport service that you can avail when you book through us. We also provide you with the option to book car services in Okinawa airport online thus making it a hassle free process for you.

Tourism in Okinawa

The Okinawa Prefecture is known to attract a vast number of tourists from around the world. Naha is one of the main cities in the Okinawa Prefecture. There are some very popular tourist destinations in the Okinawa Prefecture such as the Gusuku ruins and the Shuri Castle which is located in Naha. The Shuri castle is a fine example of the Japanese castle architecture. It dates back to the Medieval Ages of Japan and is well known for its exquisite design. You can access all the tourist hotspots in the Okinawa Prefecture very easily if you rent a car in Okinawa airport. So it’s best to ensure that you take advantage of the car hire Okinawa services in the airport when you are out to explore the Okinawa Prefecture.

Car rental facilities provided by car hire Okinawa in the Okinawa Prefecture is an excellent way of sightseeing and exploring this exotic place.

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