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The Japanese city of Niigata is the capital of the prefecture of Niigata. It is a very well known destination for tourists from around the world. It is located in the northwestern part of the Honshu Island. The city of Niigata was established in the year 1889. Various attractions are there in Niigata that can be visited such as the Niigata Botanical Gardens, the Civic Center, and the Big Swan Stadium. Before you book your car hire Niigata airport requirements, you should make a price comparison between the various car hire Niigata offers existent on our website.

Niigata – A historical perspective

Niigata was a very important port town during the sixteenth century. It was an important port for the trading ships of Japan. Several canals were constructed in Niigata during the seventeenth century. In 1858, the city of Niigata was designated as one of the most significant and vital international trading centers of Japan. In 1886, the first of the Bandai Bridges was constructed in Niigata. During the Second World War, the strategic location of Niigata made it an important point of transfer for military personnel to the continent of Asia.

Airport services in Niigata

The city of Niigata is served by one major international airport that is known as the Niigata Airport. You can easily visit our booking system for checking out the discounts, offers and deals for Niigata airport rental cars booking. Since our booking system is available on the internet, you will face no hassles for hire car Niigata airport requirements.

Tourism in Niigata

The Japanese city of Niigata includes a large number of attractions in Niigata such as the Botanical Gardens, a renowned civic center and a very large stadium known as the Big Swan Stadium. The Botanical Gardens contain more than three hundred varieties of trees from North America and Europe, in addition to the indigenous trees of Japan. By searching the appropriate car rental services in Niigata airport at our website, you will be able to travel to all the tourist locations of the city in a relaxed way. So, when you are planning a tour to the city, do not forget to rent a car in Niigata airport through our website in advance.

Our website offers the car hire services in Niigata in a convenient way so that navigating and sightseeing in the city becomes gratifying.

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