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Miyazaki in Japan is a beautiful city which is situated on the Miyazaki Prefecture of Kyushu Island. Miyazaki has a population of 1,128,412 inhabitants. The city is well-known for sports, especially soccer and is well connected by an airport and railways. There are some interesting tourist destinations in Miyazaki such as the shrines in Amano Iwato and in Takachiho. We offer splendid hire car Miyazaki airport booking offers which you can consider for exploring the city.

Miyazaki – Historical Perspective

Miyazaki was known as the Province of Hyuga in medieval times. It was only after the Meiji restoration that the name Miyazaki was given to the province. The Han system was abolished in the year 1817 as a means to replace the existing conventional feudal domain and to introduce centralized authority or the prefecture system. In the month of May in 2010, a state of emergency was declared in Miyazaki by the Governor because of the outbreak of the mad cow disease, also known as foot and mouth disease.

Airport Services in Miyazaki

The city of Miyazaki has one major international airport and is known as the Miyazaki Airport. You can find splendid offers on car hire Miyazaki services in our portal. There are also online booking facilities for the Miyazaki airport rental cars requirements.

Tourism in Miyazaki

Miyazaki is one of the most picturesque cities in the country of Japan. One of the most famous places which tourists love to visit in Miyazaki is the Ocean Dome. This is the largest indoor water park in the whole world. It contains artificial sandy beaches and an artificial fire spitting volcano. The Park is surrounded by golf courses and is a haven for tourists who love to partake in sporting activities. Another well known tourist destination in Miyazaki is Amano Iwato Shrine. The caves at the shrine are quite popular for exploration activities. With the car hire Miyazaki airport facilities you will be able to go to all these tourist spots in Miyazaki quite easily. So you should ensure that you visit our booking portal for comparing the prices of various services before you rent a car in Miyazaki airport.

Thus, the car hire facilities in Miyazaki can be a perfect option for exploring this beautiful city.

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