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The Japan city of Kumamoto is a very popular tourist destination. The word Kumamoto means ‘origin of the bear’ in Japanese. The city of Kumamoto is also nicknamed as Hi No Kuni which means fire city. This is largely because of the presence of a gigantic volcano that is located nearby. Sometimes Kumamoto is also referred to as Mori no Miyako which means the capital of the forest. There are a large number of tourist attractions in Kumamoto such as the Kumamoto Castle and the Suizenji Gardens. There are no other car rental companies that offer a variety of deals with a diverse choice of cars to be rented other than Kumamoto airport rental cars. Compare our car rental prices today and book with us.

Kumamoto – A Short History

Kumamoto was an important administrative center in Higo in the year 1588. It was ruled by Kato Kiyomasa who built the Kumamoto Castle during this time. Kiyomasa was then succeeded by his son Tadahiro. However, the Tokugawa Shogunate removed Tadahiro from power in 1633 and was replaced by the Hosokawa clan. The Japanese Prime Minister Hosokawa Mori is one of the direct descendants of this clan. A well known politician from Peru by the name of Alberto Fujimor is also originally from Kumamoto.

Airport Services in Kumamoto

Kumamoto City is served by a major international airport which is known as the Kumamoto Airport. We will help you to find and choose a package from one of our unbelievable deals at car hire Kumamoto airport services. You can also make a booking before coming to Kumamoto through car hire Kumamoto online website.

Tourism in Kumamoto

The Japanese city of Kumamoto is home to a lot of respectable and popular tourist attractions. One of the most famous monuments in Kumamoto is the Kumamoto Castle. This castle was built during the sixteenth century and is known for its impeccable defensive capability. Another well known tourist destination in Kumamoto is the Suizenji Park, located in the north eastern part of the city. This is a living example of the traditional Japanese garden architecture inherited from hundreds of years ago. When you rent a car in Kumamoto airport, you will be able to visit all these tourist destinations conveniently. No other companies that provide deals like hire car Kumamoto airport services for exploring the city of Kumamoto in a hassle free manner.

In a nutshell, the car hire facilities in Kumamoto one of the most ideal ways of touring around the city of Kumamoto in an easy and convenient manner.

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