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Kobe is Japan sixth largest city and is a very popular tourist destination both locally and internationally. Kobe has a population of about one and a half million residents. It is a very important port city of Japan and has a rich historical past. There are some interesting places to visit in Kobe, such as the Harbor, Kobe Tower and the Oji Zoo. You can find various car rental services at Kobe and one of them is Kobe airport rental cars.

Kobe - Historical Perspective

Throughout its history, Kobe was never really one single political entity. Even in the Tokugawa period, when the Kobe port was directly controlled by the Tokugawa shogun, Kobe was always not a single political entity. The current city of Kobe was founded sometime in the year 1899. The city became one of the 17 designated cities of Japan in the year 1956. Kobe was also known as one of the first cities in Japan to open their trading connections with the western world, after a period of seclusion because of war.

Airport Services in Kobe

There is an international gateway to Kobe through a major airport known as the Kobe airport. Here, you can find amazing discounts if u book for car hire Kobe airport services. car hire Kōbe is also available online from our website for those who would like to book our services early.

Tourism in Kobe

Kobe is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. There are some very lively and beautiful places to visit in Kobe such as the Chinatown, the Harbor land and the Kobe Port Tower. The Ikuta Shrine is also a very notable landmark in Kobe. The Mount Maya and Mount Rokko are two mountains from where you can get a fantastic view of the city of Kobe. There are also a couple of museums in Kobe that is not only known for its historical content in their exhibits but also known for its unique building design. To name a few is Kobe City Museum of Literature and the Kobe City Museum. In order to ensure a smooth passage from the airport to your hotel or to the tourist spots around Kobe, you should use our booking services to rent a car in Kobe airport. You should definitely take full advantage of the hire car Kobe airport services, as we always provide the best deal for those who would like to use our services.

In a nutshell, the Kobe car hire services undeniably the best way for sightseeing in and around the city of Kobe in Japan.

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