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Hiroshima is one of the largest cities in the Honshu island of Japan. It is well known for having been completely destroyed by an atomic bomb during the Second World War. Hiroshima’s historical past is a known fact for everyone. There are also many nice tourist attractions in Hiroshima despite their disastrous past and some of them are the Shukkei-en gardens, the Hijiyama Park and the Hiroshima Castle. You could try browse through rates of the various car hire facilities and performing an adequate research before you go ahead and book your specific Hiroshima airport rental cars from our portal.

Hiroshima – Fascinating Facts from the Past

Hiroshima was a well known city in the Sengoku Period. It was founded in the year 1589 by the Sengoku warlord Mori Terumoto. Hiroshima was the capital of the domain of Hiroshima in the Tokugawa period. In the nineteenth century, Hiroshima was one of the major urban centers of Japan and a lot of development take place. Many English language schools were built in Hiroshima during this period. The Hiroshima Harbor was also constructed in this period. During the First World War, Hiroshima was one of the focal points of Japanese military activity. During the Second World War, Hiroshima was blown apart after a nuclear atom bomb was dropped on this city as well as the neighboring city of Nagasaki.

Airport Services in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is served by two major airports of international standards. These are the Hiroshima Hiroshima Airport and the Hiroshima Nishi Airport. You can take advantage of our unique offers on car hire Hiroshima airport bookings. You can also make use of our internet booking facilities available for your car hire Hiroshima requirements.

Tourism in Hiroshima

In spite of the devastation caused during the Second World War, the city of Hiroshima is an exquisitely decorated and beautiful city today. There are some splendid monuments in Hiroshima, such as the Hiroshima Castle and the Shukkei-en gardens. The Hiroshima Castle is now a museum which houses relics dating back to the Edo period. The Shukkei-en gardens are a verygreen and beautiful location and it shows a perfect example of the unique Japanese garden architecture. With the help of our booking system you can rent a car in Hiroshima airport, wherein you will be able to visit all these wonderful tourist spot in a relaxed and hassle free manner. So you should make sure that you make good use of the hire car Hiroshima airport services when you visit Hiroshima.

Thus, the car hire services of Hiroshima can be one of the most dependable ways of navigating in the city of Hiroshima.

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