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Aomori, in the Tohoku region of Japan is a very well known destination for tourists. The city of Aomori has splendid and exquisite sightseeing destinations for tourists such as Lake Towada and Mount Osore. Aomori is also famous for the various apple orchards which are located in this city. Another popular destination is the Hakkoda Mountains, an excellent hiking destination in Aomori, particularly during the summer time. For easier and convenient discovery of the city, you can pre book the convenient services of the Aomori airport rental cars from our online portal.

Aomori – Short History

Aomori came into existence in the year 1871. The town of Aomori was established in the year 1889 with about 28,000 inhabitants at the time. In 1910, a terrible fire broke out at Aomori, in the district of Yasukata, practically ruining most of the city. In the year 1962, many of the outlying villages and towns were incorporated into the city of Aomori. As a result, the city became twice its original size. In 1985, the world’s longest tunnel known as the Seikan Tunnel was constructed in Aomori.

Airport Services in Aomori

Aomori is served by two airports, the Aomori airport and the Misawa airport. There are many nice booking offers discounts and deals for car hire Aomori airport services. You can also avail our online booking facilities for car hire Aomori requirements.

Tourism in Aomori

There are many popular tourist attractions in the city of Aomori. Some of these are the Forestry Museum, the Aomori Bay Bridge, the Museum of city history and folk arts and the Hakkoda mountains. The Hakkoda Mountains are a very popular place to go hiking, particularly during the warm months. The Mount Osore on the other hand, is a famous peak in Aomori from where you can get a wonderful scenic view. If you hire car Aomori airport then you can visit all the well known tourist spots in the city quite easily and without any sort of hassle. A good way of touring the city of Aomori is to rent a car in Aomori airport which will enable you to move around the city in a proper and comfortable manner.

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