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Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica. It is also its largest city, and it is predominantly English-speaking. It is located south of the USA, and other countries like Cuba and Haiti. The city is connected to the town of Port Royal by a long sand spit known as Palisadoes. Jamaica used to be a British colony and despite independence, is still under the British Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. It is also the third largest island in the Caribbean and the city of Kingston is a popular tourist spot, not only because of its pristine beaches but also because of its history and culture.

Car for Hire in Kingston: Are You Ready for Reggae?

What used to be an agricultural town and a home for refugees from Port Royal, Kingston has developed into the capital city of Jamaica. It is now the central economic and business hub of the country. But if you are visiting for leisure, then you don’t have to worry for there are a variety of accommodations and services available for you. You can choose to reserve online or just look for a car for rent in Kingston and hop from one hotel to another to look for the best deals.

Downtown Kingston and New Kingston

The city of Kingston is divided into two, Downtown Kingston and New Kingston. Downtown Kingston is the historic part of the city, while New Kingston is the commercial hub. There are many places of interest in the historic part of town, which includes the Bob Marley Museum. Rent a car in Kingston and visit each of the thirty two heritage sites in the city, which includes the neighboring town (and former center) Port Royal. Learn about how reggae affected the culture and history of Kingston and feast your eyes on Western-style architecture that is unique in Kingston.

Let’s Party at the Beach

A vacation in the Caribbean wouldn’t be complete without a trip down to the beach. Prepare your suntan, your swimwear and hire a car in Kingston to start your adventure at the beach. Prepare to get a little toasted and lie down on the sand. Have a picnic or grab some food from the different establishments. Have a refreshing time and swim to your heart’s delight. When the sun sets, brace yourself for some serious partying and grooving to reggae music.

Car Rental in Kingston: Ask For More

A vacation in Kingston would be fun and exciting. You’ll surely enjoy it very much that you’ll want to stay longer. You can still have a relaxing vacation despite the partying; sometimes, parties, drinking and eating is more spiritually relaxing.

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