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Ivory Coast, which has held strong ties with its colonial masters, has seen great prosperity and economic growth. Unlike other African countries, Ivory Coast may have fallen into darker days with many coups, but nevertheless, it still holds a wealth of attractions and things to do for tourists who want to have an African vacation. From many natural sights to modern architectural landmarks, a visitor will find many activities that he will enjoy. By using a car rental in Ivory Coast, you can easily drive around the country and explore all that it has to offer.

Start your tour from the capital by getting a car for hire in Ivory Coast.

You will be landing at the international airport here in Yamoussoukro, where you can see some of the finest sights of the country. Foremost among these, is Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. This is one of the most remarkable pieces of architecture not only in the country but also in the continent. It is a magnificent and splendid duplicate of St Peter’s Basilica found in Rome. It must be stated here that there is a tremendous amount of stained glass used in this Basilica. Because of this, it is often said that the whole of France doesn’t have enough stained glass for use in the Basilica alone. You can easily access the Basilica when you hire a car in Ivory coast.

Travelling to Abidjan

This city is filled with many glittering high rise buildings, and the streets are filled with boutiques and many eateries that offer many French dishes, which are simply mouth watering. The city resembles Paris so much that it is often called Paris of West Africa. You can travel to the Le Plateau which will remind you of the country’s economy that was once the strongest in the region. You will find the famous building of La Pyramide, which is a landmark by which the city is recognized. Abidjan offers great nightlife and allows visitors to enjoy the local music and dance scene in Treichville district. Visit the club called Midnight which is considered to be one of the first clubs that the city had.

Beaches Of Grand Bassam

When you rent a car in Ivory coast you can travel to the Grand Bassam that is considered to be one of the best resort towns in the country. You can sunbathe and swim here. However, you will have to be careful since the currents here are very strong and they might sweep you away. But despite this, the resort town is great for relaxing and having a great time with your loved one.

Use a car for rent in Ivory Coast to see the wonders of the African country

Granted that the country has fallen to economic woes and turmoil in recent years, the fact is that it has one of the rarest sights and attractions which cannot be ignored. Parks like Mount Nimba Strict Nature reserve or the only tropical forest reserve, Tai National Park, further show that when you are planning to have an African getaway, the Ivory coast is a must-visit destination. To have a comfortable road trip around the country, you should rent a car as soon as you get to Ivory Coast.

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