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Turin, the first modern capital of Italy, is a bustling metropolis with a rich dose of Italian culture and technological attractions. Home to the FIAT automobile company and having hosted the Winter Olympics of 2006, Turin is now firmly placed on the International tourism map for vacations and holidays to Italy. With a car rental in Turin, you are sure to enjoy the various panoramas you’re greeted in this charming metropolis, which is arguably Italy’s best kept tourism secret.

Hire a car in Turin and head to the Centro province

Downtown Turin, also called Centro, is an eclectic maze of art galleries, museums, and palaces that flank its cobblestone pavements. Amongst the noteworthy places you’d see here, the Piazza San Carlo, the Piazza Castello (considered the most important landmark of Turin), the Palazzo Carignano, and the Mole Antonielle tower are the most fascinating places at the Centro. The Via Roma and the Via Po are important shopping paradises at the Centro that you’d love.

Notable sightseeing avenues around the city

With a car for rent in Turin, you’d be able to cover the extensive parks, villas, and churches that form its glimmering skyline. The Parco del Valentino is a beautiful promenade that you shouldn’t miss while you’re here. The Villa della Regina (the villa of the Queen of Turin) is a lovely mansion that deserves a visit. The Po Riverside, the Castello del Valentino, and the Piazza Castello are other important landmarks of Turin. Also, you must not miss the Egyptian Museum and the Automobile Museum of Turin while you’re here.

Drive to the Alps in the vicinity

Turin is remarkably close to the massive Alpine Ranges that are ideal for summer and winter adventures like hiking, horse riding, and trekking. Moreover, there are various vantage points in the ranges that grant you spectacular views from the mountain peaks. Rent a car in Turin and head to the Gran Paradiso National Park, the Via Lattea for skiing in the snow-clad peaks or the Val Varaita Park for summer adventures.

With a car for hire in Turin, visit other cities in the vicinity

There are many cities in the vicinity, should you want to explore North Italy to the fullest. You could try getting to Aosta, a sleepy town in close proximity to Mont Blanc and famous for its Roman ruins. Ivrea, in the Alps, is a tiny village with a number of mountaineering pursuits for you to take delight in. Collegno, Nichelino, and Venaria Reale are other cities near Turin with a number of hotspots for you to marvel at. With a rented car which you can drive around with panache, you are sure to have a fabulous vacation in Turin--and you will surely want to come back for more.

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