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Italy is a large country located in the southern part of Europe. It is known for the birthplace of the Western culture and with its long history, it is no wonder that Italy has the most number of World Heritage Sites given by UNESCO. Cities like Milan and Rome are especially popular for these heritage sites.

Hire A Car In Triest, Italy

Because of the famous attractions located at Milan and Rome, Triest is always being forgotten by tourists. Triest is actually a great tourist destination where it has a lot of heritage sites from the Austrian-Hungarian Kingdom. Even though they are not as popular as the Coliseum and others, it still provides quite a scenic sight for everyone. The sea nearby also makes Triest a favourable option for those who love spending time at the beach. Rent a car in Triest and you will be able to visit all of the interesting places in this city.

Travelling to Triest

To get into this picture-perfect city, you will need to take a flight into the International Airport of Ronchi dei Legionari. It is around 45 minutes from Triest so it is advisable to look for car for hire in Triest airport. You can always use the public transport but driving your own car is always the best way to explore Triest. You can stop at anywhere you like and spend time at places that the buses cannot reach.

Things to See In Triest

There are quite a lot of places that you can visit around Triest. The most popular ones will be a tour around the two castles inside Triest, namely San Giusto and Miramare. San Giusto Castle is strategically located at a place where you can see everything in Triest, its hills, sea and also the city itself. Miramare Castle in the other hand is an ivory-white castle located near to the sea with the unexplored wilderness at its background.

Use Car Rental in Triest Effectively

If you use car for rent in Triest, you must use it to its maximum. Explore all the places around the city and try every dish that you find. This is because Triest is really known for its variety of foods which are really delicious. Some of them are Terrano wine, Risotto – a creamy rice dish and Gnocchi – sweet dumplings originated from Austria. You can also use your rented car to go to the nearby cities like Mondalcone, Grado and Muggia. A vacation in Triest will be an eye opener for every tourist that does not know the history of Triest.

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