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A charming city with numerous antique villas and wineries, Treviso is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy. Located on the Bottengia and Sile River confluence, Treviso is situated in close proximity to the Alps mountain ranges, making it an ideal stopover for trekkers and backpackers. Having your own car rental in Treviso is a necessity if you’d like to make the most of your limited time. With a rented car you can explore each sight the city has to offer you at your own pace. Of course, there are concerns about there being a lot of one-way roads and labyrinthine streets, but the sign-boards will help you find your way through downtown Treviso.

Use a car for hire in Treviso and tour around the city

The City Walls are an important attraction if you’re interested in historic ruins and the way of life of the Italians who lived here during the Venetian rule. The Piazza dei Signori is a large building that marks the Lord’s Square, an important commercial area in the city. The San Francesco Gothic Church is a lovely architectural landmark that deserves a visit. The Romanesque construction of the Loggia dei Cavalieri is another monument you cannot afford to miss while you’re here. The Palazzo dei Podesta is another building of historic importance.

A car rental tour (or a bike tour) to some of the villas nearby

Treviso is famous for the beautiful villas with creepers and blooming lawns it has in its midst. Almost each of them has architectural extravagances and is an important part of the Italian history here. Amongst the villas you should visit with a car for rent in Treviso are: the Villa de Realli, the Villa Minelli, the Villa Passi, the Villa Masser, the Villa Manfrin, and many more. Most of these villas require special permission and guided tour packages. You are required to contact the agencies for permission.

Other attractions in Treviso

Treviso has many other sightseeing places you must visit and explore. St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Church of San Nicolo, the Palazzo dei Trecento, the Ponte di Pria, and the verdant parks of Francesco Brusnello are places that deserve a special place in your travel itinerary. Rent a car in Treviso and visit the Piazza Rinaldi and Seminario Vescoville de Treviso, for art marvels in St. Nicolo Rue.

Hire a car in Treviso and move about in the vicinity

Treviso, in addition to the glorious landmark it has in its midst, is also located in close proximity to many wonderful places nearby. You might want to drive down to Venice, Vedelago, Padova, and the wineries in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene for a thrilling one-day trip from Treviso. We assure you, there wouldn’t be a dull moment in your vacation to Treviso. With a rented car you will have a bunch of memories to take home with you.

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