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Sciacca is a seaside town on the Mediterranean south coast of Sicily, Italy. Sciacca's recuperative thermal springs were quite well frequented even before the Roman era by the ancient Greeks as early as the 7th century BC. Its beaches, thermal springs and mud baths are obviously why most tourists come here. But given its long history, there are quite a few old attractions like a 12th century Cathedral, the remains of the 1380 Castello Luna and other medieval palaces. You will need to get a car for hire in Sciacca if you want to move around and see all the sights.

Rent a Car in Sciacca for an Attractions Tour

The attractions here in Sciacca are located on three different levels from hilltop down to the sea. Get a car for rent in Sciacca and you can "vroom" up to the middle level and the amazing Piazza Scandaliato, which is the heart of the town. The tourist information office is also located here, so you can start by collecting their maps and tourist brochures. One side of the square opens out to provide a view of the port and the beaches below. The highest point of interest is the St. Michael Church, right on the hill-top. A steep tumble down hill brings you to the Castello Luna remnants, and further down is the 12th century Chiesa di San Nicol├▓. There are plenty more old churches to see, and do not miss the curious locally made ceramic art and plates that the shops peddle to tourists. Another must-visit attraction is the Castello Incantato or Enchanted Castle with its strange garden.

Visiting Thermal Spas in Sciacca

Apart from the beaches, the thermal spas are the biggest attraction. A large number of treatments for serious illnesses are available at the Terme di Sciacca. On Via delle Terme you will find the Stabilimento Termale and there is a swimming pool (Piscine Molinelli) where you can swim in the thermal spring waters. Visitors can also head for the steam caves on the Monte San Calogero slopes.

Short Drive Trips from Sciacca

You have two options for day trips and short drives out of Sciacca. You can follow the coast on either side and visit sites with Greek ruins like Agrigento and Selinunte. You can also head out for the famous Sicilian capital city of Palermo on the opposite coast. On the way along the SP5, you can stop at Sambuca di Sicilia for a winery tour and wine tastings, and at Corleone. Yes, it is that same Corleone, famous as the birthplace of the Godfather and several other real-life Mafia kingpins.

How to Hire a Car in Sciacca

There are three agencies offering a car rental in Sciacca for travelers. Two of them are near the Ginnic Club Stadium and the third one is at Contrada Baiata. You do not have to go around looking for them, because it is easier to compare all three online, find a good deal and book your vehicle right now.

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