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Pisa, in Italy, is known exquisitely for its Leaning Tower. However, here you’re treated to more than twenty timeless cathedrals, a large number of architectural marvels, bridges, and verdant retreats. Pisa, located on the River Arno, has a dynamic shuttle and metro service to take you around. For personalized trips across the vast expanse of the city, you should consider taking a car rental in Pisa. With a rented car you can take day trips to the nearby areas of Cascina, Lucca, Vecchiano, and Leghorn, barely an hour’s drive from the city center.

Hire a car in Pisa and explore the Piazza del Miracoli

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only tower in Pisa that ‘leans’ on account of the marshy foundation. You’d be surprised to note that the Bell Tower of San Michele Church and the Bell Tower of San Nicola Church also lean in equal magnitude. The stairs to these towers, located at the Piazza del Miracoli are steep and climbing to the top is very difficult. The views that you are gifted from the tower top are extravagant, with most of Pisa’s imposing skyline visible. The Pisa Cathedral and Baptistery, the Campo Santo Cemetery, and the Museo del Opera del Duomo are other noteworthy places you must visit.

Head to the historic Piazza dei Cavalieri

The tiny suburb of the Piazza dei Cavalieri is stacked with squared buildings and museums dating back to the Renaissance era. You ought to rent a car in Pisa and visit the Church of San Rocco, a wonderful Gothic style Cathedral with a spire and elegant bell. The Palazzo del Orologio (called the Clock Tower) forms the inspiration for a few scenes of the Divine Comedy by Dante. The Palazzo della Carovana is a wonderful art gallery that houses the masterpieces of Giorgio Vassari, a Renaissance poet. While here, you must not miss the cobbled neighborhoods and the tiny shops selling authentic homemade gelatos.

Visit the attractions at the riverside

Pisa is home to several charming bridges that adorn the Arno River. You must opt for a car for hire in Pisa and visit the Ponte di Mezzo, a sophisticated bridge near the Piazza Garibaldi and the Borgo Stretto, a street that is mostly a tourist trap. Places like the Santa Maria della Spina and the La Citadella are also attractions you mustn’t miss while you’re here.

With a car for rent in Pisa, head to Tuscany in the vicinity

If you are a nature lover, you can head to the arresting Tuscan ranges in less than an hour with a car rental from the city center. Towns like Caci, Florence, and Lucca might be at a distance but you’d love the natural vistas they have to offer. For people who’d like a breathtaking vacation in Italy, Pisa offers them sophistication, countryside beauty, and historical monuments in equal measure. Do not miss this wonderful tourist destination!

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