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A splendid seaside town with a huge population, Pescara in Italy’s Eastern Coastal terrain, is a delightful vacation destination. The tropical climate that Pescara is blessed with makes it a favored winter holiday retreat. Most people in Pescara love heading straight to the beach; however, downtown Pescara with its Scandinavian and Romanesque architecture is a visual treat, too. A car for hire in Pescara will help you explore popular locations like Scanno, Sulmona, and L’Aquila in the vicinity, too.

Rent a car in Pescara and move about in comfort

Pescara has an abundance of public transport options. However, being a popular beach town, you cannot overrule the possibility of drunken tourists intruding your family bonhomie, particularly at night. Moreover, you’d have to adhere to their schedule and wait in serpentine queues for tickets and passes. Lags, changes, and time disruptions are common when you use public transport in Pescara. Granted, you cannot avoid ferries and shuttles to the airport, but having a car for rent in Pescara makes your road journeys a great deal of fun.

Places to see in downtown Pescara

The highlight of the Pescara downtown remains the city center, where you can find the manor of Gabriele D’Annunzio, a popular Italian poet. The Pescara Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Sorrows and the commercial headquarter building of the Fater S.P.A are fine architectural marvels in the town. The Pescara di Citta, the Palazzo del Governo, the Museum of the Abruzzo People, and the main Pescara Rail Road Station are important sights you’d certainly enjoy.

Soak in the beaches and the flamboyant nightlife options

Pescara has a number of beaches that offer you wonderful glimpses of the calm Adriatic Sea and the gorgeous sunsets in the horizon. While most beaches in the terrain are private beaches, there are around 6 free beaches that can be accessed with a car rental in Pescara. Montesilvano and Francavilla are towns that have a lot of free beaches with shallow waters where you can swim to your heart’s content. Amongst the best discotheques and night bars here, Corso Manthone, La Fabbrica, and Cantina Acedemia take the top honors for ambience, drinks and music.

Hire a car in Pescara and move around the town

Pescara has the perfect mix of mountains and the sea to make your holiday refreshing and adventurous. Barely an hour from the city center, you’d find La Bella Dormentata, a wonderful mountain range that equals Tuscany and the Rhine-Alps in glory and beauty. If you’d like to explore towns in the neighborhood, Pinneto, Atri, and Teramo are fine picks. With a car rental in Pescara, you’d surely have a magnificent vacation and a rejuvenating time in Italy. It is advisable that you bring along a camera to capture Pescara in its entire splendor.

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