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Palermo, located at the northwestern tip of Sicily, is the capital city of the island and, with more than 670,000 inhabitants, its largest city, too. Due to its picturesque location at the Mediterranean coast and the southern atmosphere, it is a insider tip amongst holiday destinations in Italy. Just get a rental car from car hire Palermo and explore the city for yourself!

Discover the historic capital of Palermo with car hire Palermo

Though Palermo has an airport, the main transport from the mainland are still the numerous ferries that approach the city’s harbour. Palermo can not only be reached from large Italian cities like Naples or Genoa, but also from Tunis in Tunisia. Once arrived in Palermo, you should explore the city independently with car hire Palermo. Unlike more famous Italian destinations, for example Rome or Venice, Palermo is not very shiny or smug but has kept its unique identity despite increasing tourism. The city is rich in cultural treasures, but many of them are hidden or simply a part of daily life. With car hire Palermo, you can discover them following your own taste! As Palermo goes back to about 730 BC, the city has seen a lot of historical events, and its architecture is a mixture from diverse époques with many buildings from Renaissance and Baroque, but also from earlier times when Byzantines and the Arabs ruled Sicily. The countless churches and chapels bear witness to the importance Catholicism still has in this part of Italy. Probably the most important of them is the Palermo Cathedral that was built between 1185 and 1801 and shows attributes from more than six centuries.

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But the surroundings of Palermo have much to offer, too: Why not pay a visit to the Cathedral of Monreale with car hire Palermo? Or would you like to see the Mondello Beach that is famous for its white sand and the Art Nouveau mansions bordering the esplanade? Another interesting destination you can easily reach with car hire Palermo is the protected landscape of Monte Pellegrino where you can encounter countless animal species or visit the famous sea grottoes. Palermo is a manifold holiday destination, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience its special flair with car hire Palermo!

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