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Typically, the Mediterranean region comprises the countries that are based along the border of the Mediterranean Sea. There are 18 such countries, including France, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Malta, Spain, and Morocco . The Mediterranean region is spread over the three continents of Africa, Europe and Asia. Mediterranean literally means ‘sea that is in the middle of land’. The region also includes around 160 islands like Crete, Ibiza, and Santorini. The Mediterranean climate is fantastic for the growth of flora and fauna, making it a region high on water related activities. It is also one of the most visited tourist places in the entire world.

Visiting the marvelous city of Tarifa with a car rental in Mediterranean

Tarifa is located in Spain, but offers one of the most magnificent views of Africa from its coastline. You can take a car for hire in Mediterranean region and drive to this wonderful Spanish city. Located on the junction where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, Tarifa is blessed with a wind that is ideal for windsurfing as well as kite surfing. One of the main attractions in Tarifa is the old town which has some amazing architecture. The Los Lances Beach is a must visit if you are a water sports enthusiast.

Exploring the stylish town of Cassis

If you are looking for a Mediterranean vacation in France, then make it to Cassis. This very southern French town is known for its ample vineyards and great varieties of white wine. Needless to say, like most of southern France, Cassis is also truly beautifu,l with stunning greenery and some very active beaches. You can take a car for rent in Mediterranean region and visit the Cassis Chateau. For adventure enthusiasts, hike up to the Calanques for some spectacular views.

Discovering Dubrovnic

Dubrovnic is located in the southern part of Croatia. During the middle ages, Dubrovnic was at par with Venice for its architecture and cultural scene. Filled with beautiful buildings and an old town that is to die for, Dubrovnic is one the best destinations in the Mediterranean region. You can rent a car in Mediterranean and drive to Dubrovnic. Every nook and corner of the city has a different charm and reminds you of a bygone era. The Dubrovnic walls are one of the major attractions, and the city is also a part of UNESCO’s World Architectural Heritage.

Hire a car in Mediterranean region to truly experience the gift of our planet

The beauty of the Mediterranean region is one thing that just can’t be put in words. You have to be here to experience the sheer magic of nature at its best, and which is best enjoyed with a car at your disposal. Apart from the fantastic natural beauty, Mediterranean region is famous for its food and the variety of coastal cultures. So make sure you plan your next vacation here for it is truly a wonder of nature.

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