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The provincial capital city of Lecce lies at the beginning of the heel in the most southern part of Italy’s sub-peninsula Salentine. It is more than 2000 years old and one of Puglia’s main cities. One of the region’s main attractions is the roughly 700 km long coastline, divided by two, the Ionian- and the Adriatic-coast and all along is an unaccountable number of beaches.

It will enhance your vacation with a car for hire in Lecce

After your arrival at the Brindisi Airport in Brindisi, car for rent in Lecce is passing over your already pre-booked car. It is so easy to get a rental car with the convenience of the internet. When you book your car online, not only can you compare prices and get the best choice of cars but you also get great discounts for booking early and this makes sense for you to save on your travel cost rather than hiring taxis or depending on public transport and the tour buses to bring you around. Lecce is also called ‘Florence of the South’. The historical rich city has numerous touristic attractions up its sleeve and the adjoining area with its terrific and sometimes wild landscapes are dotted with fine old villages and towns. You will be impressed by its outstanding beauty and surely enjoy the vacation to its fullest. Last but not least, the region is well known for its fine wine and superb quality of the cold pressed olive oil.

Get in touch with the city jewels

Rent a car in Lecce for an easy cruise along the shoreline which hosts several nearby beaches. Sure you will find your perfect spot for a relaxed day under a blue sky with fine, mostly golden sand and turquoise waters. In the late afternoon visit the fantastic old part such as the cathedral, the Church of the Holy Cross and the ancient Roman amphitheatre where up to 25,000 spectators could be seated. Lecce’s prince constructed in 1419 the Torre del Parco, another highlight which should not be missed.

Tour the fantastic surroundings

Hire a car in Lecce and drive to Santa Maria di Leuca, the most southern town at the heel of Italy. It got a part of its name from the ancient Greek seamen who called it Leukos, translated as ‘lit by the sun’. Another not to be missed city is Bari with its grandiose old center and the medieval Castello Svevo. Tour some more hidden costal gems with their own unique beaches and perfect clear water such as Porto Cesareo, Baia dell’Orte, Alimini and Porto Selvaggio, to name just a few of the them.

Your vacation will be a hit with a car rental in Lecce

Having a rented car makes all the difference when it comes to exploring and travelling around the region. It makes more sense to have your own transport rather than waiting for public transportation or a crowded tour bus. Come and explore this fantastic area which is at the moment still somehow a hidden gem!

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