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In the numerous choices that you will find when planning a European destination for your vacation, Italy will stand out in many respect. It features a wonderful cuisine, a rich heritage, its culture, and its role in the formation of western civilization. This means that you will find an abundance of places and things to do when you are in Italy. To explore the many delights of a country that is filled with cultural and historical landmarks, it is advisable that you get a car hire in Italy to get the best out of your visit here.

Visit historic Rome using a car for hire in Italy.

No trip to Italy can be complete without a visit to the city of Rome, which is full of many historical churches and buildings. You will be fascinated by the churches located here which were designed by famous artists. They are adorned by sculptures and statues made by Bernini and Michelangelo, among many other artists. These churches include San Giovanni, St. Peter's Basilica , Santa Maria Maggiore, and The Pantheon. Admission to these churches is free but you may be charged for guided tours. You can also enjoy the coin-throwing tradition in Trevi Fountain, which according to local tradition ensures your return to the city.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Once you a hire a car in Italy, visiting Pisa becomes a must. Admire the view of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower is located in Field of Miracles and it draws visitors due to it's unusual geometry and stunning design. The leaning tower of Pisa has always attracted physics students and scholars,too, as it’s the place where the famous scientist Galileo conducted his experiments on the theory of motion. You can easily access the tower and take pictures and become the envy of your friends when you get home.

Go Truffle hunting in Umbria.

There is more to Italy then just holy sites and historical places. The region of Umbria is a picturesque area where you will find some very delicious truffles. You can also take part in the festivities that revolve around truffles. Participate in a festival in Norcia that celebrates black truffles. White truffles can only be found in the months of October, November, and December.

Why avail of a car rental in Italy

A country like Italy attracts millions of tourists and Christian pilgrims who visit Vatican city and other holy sites found here. This means that the local transportation will most likely be very crowded and the local cab fares will be rather high, particularly since drivers know that you are a tourist. For that reason finding cheap car hire in Italy is vital so that you don’t have to worry about the local transportation system, and you can, at your own pace, visit any site that you find interesting.

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