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The quaint township of Castelfranco, or officially Castelfranco Veneto, is located in the Province of Treviso, Italy. The small town does not have many potential tourist sites to last more than a weekend, and is thus, best visited as part of an exploratory expedition to the entire Veneto region.

Should You Get a Car for Hire in Castelfranco?

Despite being a rather small settlement, Castelfranco is well-connected with the rest of Italy. Lying midway between Treviso city and Vicenza, and just 40 km away from Venice, the town is close to the two major airports and a rail-line connecting it to big cities like Bassano del Grappa and Padua, along with those mentioned already. Within the city, buses ply at regular intervals, ferrying its passengers to the various sites of tourist interest. However, many people prefer to rent a car in Castelfranco, so they can visit the proximal tourist attractions as well.

What’s Not-to-Miss Here?

Castelfranco is a walled-township, somewhat like a large fortress. At the center of the walled area is an 18th century Cathedral – the Dummo – designed by Francesco Maria Preti. It houses the principal tourist treasure of the town, which is an altarpiece that was created by the famous painter Giorgione, who was born in Castelfranco. What is rumored to be the painter’s place of birth – Casa del Giorgione is a building that stands next-door to the Dummo. The town is full of several structures that are truly architectural wonders. Those who get a car for rent in Castelfranco can also go to the exterior of the fortifications, which has a few noteworthy Villas and a beautiful garden called Parco Revedin Bolasco.

What are Some Important Tips?

There are certain things one must keep in mind when they are going to Castelfranco. Firstly, it is important to hire a car in Castelfranco to be able to visit other tourist towns in the vicinity. Secondly, one should start early on their exploration of the town’s sites, for as in many Italian towns, all offices and tourist places close down for a rather long midday lunch. Finally, the town has some exceptionally good Italian food to offer its visitors. There is a fair peppering of restaurants, cafes and bars along the historic part of the town; have a slice of pizza, pack some goodies for a picnic or have a proper meal in an eatery, but do not make the mistake of missing out of the delicious culinary delights the town has to offer.

Is a Car Rental in Castelfranco a Good Option?

Castelfranco is an ideal location for a short-trip or weekend-break where one can enjoy some quiet fun and see interesting sites. But be sure to rent a car here, for that allows you to widen the scope of your tourist activities to a great extent.

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