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Aosta is the capital of Aosta Valley, an area known as a bilingual region. This city is in the Italian Alps Mountains, 110 km from Turin, in the North West. Interestingly, Aosta is not the capital of the province, as Aosta valley is the only Italian region which in not divided into provinces. The administrative powers are shared by the regions and city. Aosta existed from prehistoric times. It was part of the Roman Empire and then the Kingdom of Burgundy. Later, when the new Italian republic came into existence in 1948, it became part of modern Italy. You can see all the attractions easily if you get a car for hire in Aosta.

Get a car for rent in Aosta and see the ancient remains

The town walls of the Aosta, known as Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, have been preserved almost in a perfect way. They are nearly 6 meters high and built with small blocks of stone. You will be surprised to see the amazing architecture; the walls are 2.7 meters thick in the bottom, while at the top, they are only 1.8 meters. Originally, there were 20 towers, while now there are six which are well preserved. Every tower has a different name. You can rent a car in Aosta to see the interesting architecture. The roman theater is also a great structure. The Arch of Augustus is another ancient monument in Aosta. You can also see the remains of an ancient road, which was used to connect Eporedia and Aosta Valley. Aosta Cathedral is another must see place.

Aosta Attractions

Natural Park Mont Avic is a treat to visit; you can enjoy the natural beauty in its purest form. The Pila ski resort is another great attraction in winters. A lot of people come here to enjoy the skiing every winter. Visitors also enjoy the Airships of Aosta as well. Other attractions are Collegiate di Sant’Orso and Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso.

Hire a car in Aosta and get to the places you want to go

A car rental in Aosta can help you to enjoy the tour. You can book your car online. Many websites offer comparisons of prices of many car rental companies. They made your work easy. Just compare the price and get the best available deal. Hire a car and see all the amazing places. And with a rental car, other nearby cities Pre-Saint-Didier, Valdigne and Courmayeur will be easy to get to. So, visit Aosta and visit theses other cities too.

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